Airbus A3XX: Developing World's Largest Essay

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The airline parking costs will definitely be higher especially due to its large capacity and the time spent on the ground resonates to potential loss of revenue. It heavy weight due to its capacity level does not do it justice in terms of costs because landing fee of planes is determined by weight and A3XX will definitely incur more expense. The plane is also to emit higher noise and longer evacuation. International travelers prefer single aisled airplanes according to recent survey and thus A3XX is likely to loose on a considerable number of customers.

The findings from these report to the fact that the airline industry is very competitive, with a lot of airlines some not doing well due to the nature of competitions. The report also pint to the findings that the passenger's airline does not have much of passengers but the freight airline is doing remarkably well.The report also shows that the cost of the introduction of an airline is mainly raised by the intensive research that goes into it and level of innovativeness. The expenses are also raised by the launch which has to attract many orders. 'The ultimate success of the launch depends on the Airbus capability to attract at least 250 orders.'

More finding indicates that medium to small aircraft are more preferred in the industry. Small to medium jets such as the Boeing747 and the Airbus 320 are the most preferred choices especially for domestic route. Even though the industry is growing rapidly, the trend towards over-capacity is very noticeable with airlines facing the difficulties to fill the airline seats.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Airbus A3XX: Developing World's Largest Assignment

So what is the way forward? The following are some of the recommendations and lessons that should be adopted by the airline industry. There is still room for more and better innovations for the airlines and this should be in line with what will work best or that which has not been tried before. For Airbus to develop a large capacity jet that will not sufficiently fit or function in the airline industry shows. The present demand shows that the small capacity airlines are doing better. What is needed is their modification to attract more customers.It is recommendable if the airlines could also think of venturing in producing freight airlines that have maintained a greater demand than the passengers' flight. There are so many passengers' airline competing for a small market hence some could venture in to the freight airlines which has not been explored greatly.


Future demands are leaning towards a preference for medium sized aircrafts with a long-range. Small to medium jets such as the Boeing747 and the Airbus 320 ar

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