Anti-Smoking Campaign Put Down Essay

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This should be especially effective for younger people who are in general more likely to be influenced by a message that tells them that they will be excluded from their peer group if they smoke. Much of the most effective marketing at younger people (both for social causes and for commercial products) has emphasized fitting in. The standard approach for selling cigarettes to young people has traditionally been to emphasize the cool-ness factor.

This is another way of describing the fact that cigarette companies have sought to convince young people that they will be popular if they smoke and that they will ostracized if they do not. Anti-smoking campaigns like Quit Victoria can work to reverse this message, telling young people that they will be accepted if they do not smoke and that they will be ostracized if they smoke.

The above can be formulated into a positioning statement along the following lines:

We (as the sponsors of an anti-smoking campaign) want Australian smokers (and especially younger smokers) to see non-smoking as the accepted and even preferred social norm and as beneficial to themselves, their families, and their communities at large and therefore as more important, more valid, and more beneficial than smoking.


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TOPIC: Essay on Anti-Smoking Campaign Put Down That Assignment

Statistics on Smoking, 2006,

Quit Victoria,

Of 1,000 young Australian males who smoke, 1 will be murdered, 15 will be killed on the road and 250 will be killed before their time by tobacco. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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