Antibiotics Have Saved Essay

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To try to prevent this, two drugs instead of one are often used. Because mutations are rare events, the virus population in a patient is unlikely to get both resistance mutations very quickly, but this usually happens eventually (Charlesworth & Charlesworth, 2003, p. 80).


The research showed that pathogens are able to mutate rapidly in response to the presence of antibiotics in ways that diminish the effectiveness of these initially powerful drugs. The problem of antibiotic resistance was shown to be further exacerbated by the practice of many physicians to routinely prescribe antibiotics whether they are needed or not, and the inexplicable demand on the part of healthcare consumers for antibiotics even in cases where they will not be effective or may even be contraindicated. Finally, the problem of antibiotic resistance was shown to be highly complex and multifaceted, making the need for a multidisciplinary scientific response all the more important to prevent any further escalation in current trends.


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Essay on Antibiotics Have Saved Millions of Assignment

Marshall, D.A., McGeer, A., Gough, J. & Grootendorst, P. (2006). Impact of antibiotic administrative restrictions on trends in antibiotic resistance.…
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