Apple Inc. Organization's Product Life Essay

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The principal benefit of an efficient and the automated system is that it enables Apple to respond to reduced inventory levels quickly. Apple can be equipped pull back on stock while ramping up inventory in different product categories as customer interests and needs change (Thomas, 2013).

Inventory Costs: Reduction of inventory management expenses is an essential driver and profit of just-in time practices. Management of inventory has costs, and when Apple reduces the amount of holding space and staff needed with JIT, the organization can invest funds other opportunities and business development. Apple will additionally have less probability of throwing items that expire or get old. This means waste will be reduced (Thomas, 2013).


Quantitative Forecasting method

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Market Growth: While it is impossible for Apple to measure market growth directly, the company can make intelligent guesses about them. First, in the event that Apple is searching at the business sector for tractors, they could say that global sales will doubtlessly expand in future as developed nations continue to need to rebuild their ageing infrastructure. On the other hand, third world nations are expanding their infrastructure with the intention of accommodating the rising middle class. For example, Apple could conservatively guess that because of the aforementioned market factors, the market is subject to grow at a positive GDP. This implies that the number of tractors could increase at an estimated five percent (DeGeyndt, 2009). Therefore, Apple could guess with a decent certainty that its overall sales could increase by five percent. It will be irresponsible for Apple to make investment a ten percent market growth.

Qualitative Forecasting method

TOPIC: Essay on Apple Inc. Organization's Product Life Assignment

Competitive Advantages: Apple enjoys high equity returns and a remarkable share of the market. Therefore, for such a firm, to improve its share of the market, it demands a competitive advantage. This means that Apple must have something that bars new entrants or rivals from stealing its customers. Absence of a competitive advantage implies that rivals will have the ease to undercut the company and snatch its market share, clientele, and earnings. There are different forms of competitive advantage: demand side advantage and supply side advantage (Daft, 2010).


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