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This is an expression and illustration of differentiation of innovations thus effective and efficient control of the cost, resources, and stability. Apple Company applies familiar engineering design and disciplines for the purposes of reviewing and schedules. This is vital for the realization of competitive advantage within the market without compromising the experience of the consumer for time and cost. Apple Company also aligns its marketing strategies to their consumers rather than Wall Street or stakeholders within the market or industry of operation. In normal circumstances, organizations, at the heart of their size and success usually focus on the needs of stakeholders needs that might prove harmful to their needs and objectives. Apple Company focuses on the realization of the goals and objectives without compromising the requirements of the consumers. This differentiation is vital for the achievement of competitive advantage within the market and industry with reference to the United States. Apple Company focuses on the integration of classic Macintosh marketing strategy thus realization of success in their new products within the context of the United States market.

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Apple Company engages in the development, designing, and marketing of personal computers, portable digital music players, and media systems. This is possible through adoption and implementation of effective and efficient marketing strategies towards the achievement of competitive advantage within the United States' market. The organization integrates both horizontal and vertical communications in the development of integrative model thus an opportunity to build non-replicable and sustainable competition. Quality, focus on the consumers, and pricing mechanisms remain three critical factors determining interaction of the organization within the market thus an opportunity to compete effectively and appropriately. In the examination of the policies and marketing strategies of Apple Company in the context of the United States, it is vital to implement SWOT analysis evaluation tool. This will enhance examination of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in relation to implementation of the marketing strategies.


Continuous production of success products

Leading growth rates within the industry

Combination of horizontal and vertical integration for effective competition


Dependence on iPhone and iPad

Lack of products with different price points limits


Emerging opportunities within the enterprise market

Strong growth opportunities under the influence of emerging or developing nations

Maximization of the opportunities under the influence of Apple TV


Intense competition

Intensification of price competition under the influence of developing economies or nations

Rapid growth of Android phones or Microsoft launched window phones (nokia)


One of the essential strengths of the organization under the influence of marketing strategies is formidable integration model. This is through vertical and horizontal integration of operations with the aim of sustaining valuable competition within the market. Diversity in the production or provision of multiple products facilitates realization of horizontal integration. Apple focuses on the provision of associate products and devices. Vertical integration is vital in the provision of connection of the user experiences across the devices. Development of products such as hardware, software, and retail products is an illustration of the concept of vertical integration model thus facilitating the achievement of competitive advantage within the market. The organization has a large content base thus enabling sharing of all devices through iTunes. Apple has followed the concept of vertical integration with the aim of developing a formidable competitive advantage thus the ability to design its own operating systems, software, and hardware. Vertical integration is an appropriate concept in increasing the volume of the consumers and their loyalty towards the products of the organization. Sustainability of the market share by Apple Company depends on the ability of the organization to enhance and realize connection of its devices from one generation to another. Integration models are vital in the maximization of the available opportunities at the disposable of the organization thus competitive advantage in the context of the United States.

Another critical strength of the organization under the influence of its effective and efficient marketing strategy by Apple Company is continuous production of successful products. These products are essential in enhancing the market share thus realization competitive advantage within the context of the United States. According to the evaluation of the performance of the organization in 2011, it was evident that iPod enjoys approximately 75% of the market share thus a reflection of more 300 million iPods.

The iPhone production profits on the massive market share enjoyed by iPod thus ability to utilize available opportunities in the smartphone market in the context of the United States. The production and marketing of iPhone is depicted in the massive market share and displacement of Nokia as the industry leader in the production of smartphones. It is also ideal to note that massive market share translates to the increase in the level of profits and revenues at the end of the financial year. The success of the products from Apple Company is also reflected on the command of the 75% of the overall sales within the industry in 2011. This is an indication that the organization enjoys pricing power despite requiring its employees to pay premium. Consumers enjoy quality products under the influence of the quality of the products and appealing features.

The organization also relates to the concept of leading the organization through its rapid and extensive growth rates. The organization achieves this concept of strength through increase in the level of unit sales and pricing power. Being the pricing leader within the industry, the organization has the opportunity to maximize its utilities through product and quality differentiations with the aim of justifying its pricing mechanisms. Growth rates within the context of the United States' market overseeing the operations of apple is an indication or a reflection of about 40% more than revenues from its close competitors within the market. A reflection of effective and efficient marketing strategy of the organization is the achievement of about 66% growth in relation to the revenues. This is an indication of valuable process in driving growth within the market or industry of operation.


One of the weaknesses of the organization in relation to adoption and implementation of its marketing strategies is overreliance on iPhone and iPod. This is an illustration of the dependence of the revenues and growth on the product lines for products such as iPod, iPad, and iPhone. The three products were essential for approximately a third of the revenues generated in 2011. This is an indication that the products have been drivers for growth and development thus the achievement of the massive market share in relation to the case of the United States. Another weakness affecting the realization of the goals and objectives is lack of products at different price points thus limiting maximization of the available opportunities. Lack of products at lower pricing zone is proving to be an obstacle in addressing the sensitive customer base. Price is the main and only effective competitive disadvantage applied by competitors. The organization also has a massive presence in the context of smartphone market rather than other valuable segments (Carr 2013 p. 36).


The organization has various avenues in the processing of enhancing its operations in the United States' market. One of the essential opportunities is the essence of emerging positions or opportunities in the developing market. Apple Company has the ability to maximize available opportunities in the context of enterprise, education, and governmental markets that are largely untapped so far in the United States (Lashinsky 2012 p. 110). This relates to the maximization of the massive market share by iPhone and iPod thus spilling these developments into other sectors such as education and government. Another source of opportunity for the maximization of the revenues and growth is the essence of emerging nations. Technology is one of the main components in the aspect of development of a country or a nation. It is ideal for the organization to adopt and implement various technological developments with the aim of transforming the economy. This is an indication that Apple Company might exploit these developments thus increase in the revenues and market share. This relates to operations outside the context of the United States with the aim of increasing the volume of revenues and profits while transforming the economies and development of the emerging nations. The launch of Apple TV is also an essential component or opportunity for increasing the volume of revenues. The economic revenue will be developed following maximization of the opportunities generated by strong growths.


One of the threats to the marketing strategies by the organization in the context of the United States and across the globe is the intensification of the price competition. Competitors have the opportunity to maximize this threat in sustaining intensive competition within the industry (Capozzi et al. 2012 p. 38). This has proved to be a challenge in relation to addressing emerging markets which is essential in… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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