Art Painting No. Untitled #14 Essay

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Although abstract, paintings in the Ocean Park series like this one clearly capture the houses and condominiums that comprise the Santa Monica area. Panes of glass are rendered in white, but allow for the sense of refracted light, as the artist applies color in variable swathes. Moreover, Diebenkorn manages to convey the sense of peering out at the sea. A stained glass-like effect is evident, with structures of light and color.


Mick Jagger

Artist: Andy Warhol

Date: 1976

Paragraph: Perhaps more than any other artist in the 20th century, Andy Warhol blended pop and fine art into a cohesive whole. His social milieu included rock giants like Mick Jagger, who Warhol first met in the early 1960s, even before the Rolling Stones were world famous. In 1975, Warhol created a series of compositions by using a Polaroid image of the rock icon. Warhol made an enlarged transparency from the original Polaroid, then traced the image free hand. Using the free hand drawing as a basis for collage, Warhol then layered the image with crayon and glued colored paper on top before using a press. The result is quintessentially Warhol, in that it reinterprets and showcases popular culture.



Artist: Richard Diebenkorn

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Essay on Art Painting No. Untitled #14 Assignment

Paragraph: Throughout his career at Stanford, Richard Diebenkorn professed great admiration for Henri Matisse, and Window serves as an homage to the French impressionist. For example, Diebenkorn juxtaposes the starkly straight lines of the buildings outside with the curved lines of the chair and balcony. This serves also to create a thematic distinction between interior and exterior spaces. Diebenkorn's color palette in Window is likewise unique, with the terra cotta swath of color offering direct and tantalizing contrast to the azure of the California sky. The palette pays tribute to the light and color evident in the work of Matisse. Yet Diebenkorn's painting is far from derivative. Window does contain structural, color, and formal elements that are borrowed from Matisse but the presence of the metal folding chair lends a distinct atmosphere.



Artist: Andy Warhol

Date: 1964

Paragraph: Andy Warhol renders actress Elizabeth Taylor in his first of many pop art tributes to popular culture icons. Using a highly publicized image of Taylor made for the 1960 movie Butterfield 8, Warhol renders the star in vivid colors. The bright red background complements the actress's lips, which find counterpoint in her striking blue eye shadow. "Liz" would become the first of many iconic Warhol lithographs, which would become critical to the artist's portfolio. Elvis, Marlon Brando, and Mohammad Ali all made their way into the Warhol repertoire. For Warhol, the subjects of pop culture and celebrity held lasting fascination.



Artist: Sean Scully

Date: 1983

Paragraph: Sean Scully was born in Ireland, but spent a majority of his life in the United States. He developed a unique style of abstraction influenced by his Irish upbringing. Angel suggests the transcendence of barriers: the left panel of the oil painting is strongly suggestive of wire fencing; the right of a wooden wall as if from a barn. These figurative barriers mirror the social and political barriers extant in the politics of Scully's native Ireland. Because Scully avoids absolute straight lines, there… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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