Asbestos Workforce Health Risks Research Paper

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Measures to Reduce the Effects of Already Exposed Asbestos

Measures that should be adopted to reduce the harmful effects of inhaled asbestos are as follows:

Get yourself a complete check up

Follow the doctor's prescription carefully

Get the checkups done regularly because symptoms of asbestos appear after a long period of time

Using preventing measures and safety devices while working with asbestos

Quit smoking as it can intensify the effects of asbestos

Methods to Keep Premises Secure

Many commonly used areas can be a source of exposure to asbestos. These premises include, industries, commercial or public buildings, offices, schools, hospitals, markets etc. many domestic areas are also exposed to the risks of the element like lifts, stair cases, kitchens, insulating materials used in flats and buildings etc. The following methods can be adopted to keep the premises secure from the hazards and risks of asbestos:

Figure out the unnecessary use of asbestos in domestic as well as non-domestic areas

Presume the materials which involve the risk of asbestos present in them

Keep a record of materials that contain asbestos

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Employers can be held responsible in the premises that contain asbestos in the workplace. It is the duty and obligation of the employer to provide a safe working environment to its workforce and they should create awareness about the risks and hazards of asbestos and provide them with adequate safety training. Employers are bound by law to provide safety measures to the workforce and they can be challenged legally for any health issue (Carrington, 2007). Thus, it is the responsibility of the employer to adopt preventive measures to reduce the hazards of asbestos in the workplace premises.(LaDou, 2004)(Mackenbach, 2002)


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Research Paper on Asbestos Workforce Health Risks Workforce Assignment

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