Banking Budget Analysis Opportunity Essay

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The initial budge for marketing for that crucial first year would be set at $90,000 (C-Metrix Solutions 2).

For the second and third years, there will be continuing costs from the first year as well as additional maintenance costs. First and foremost, rent and employee salaries will continue at the same rate. Rent would be around $60,000 annually. Additionally, manager's salaries would be $180,000 annually and bank tellers would be $29,000 each for a total of $522,000 for all three years for six bank tellers. According to the research, once a bank is set up, its maintenance costs should be around 20% of its overall operating profits (VFA 4). In the second and third years, it will also be important to work on generating a unique and completely tailored database software system so that bank customers can also do their banking online as well. Marketing will continue to be a huge cost for all the first three years, but the second and third year would need less of an initial investment. Thus a total of $50,000 a year for each the second and third year would suffice for the budget for marketing (C-Metrix Solutions 2).

Type of Expense



Total for 3 years


$60,000 a year



Manager Salaries (3)

$60,000each for a total of $180,000 a year



Bank Teller Salaries (6)

$29,000 each for $174,000 annually



Maintenance Costs

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20% of profits


20% of Overall Profits

Equipment Costs




Marketing First Year




Marketing the Second and Third

$50,000 each year



Essay on Banking Budget Analysis Opportunity Bank Assignment

Clearly, starting a bank is a very costly endeavor. Yet, one cannot skimp on costs because it will ultimately result in a low customer turn out. In order to compete with the bigger banks who have a stronghold in the industry, smaller branches need to acquire enough funding to present themselves as capable and competitive to their customers (Meara 13). There are a number of potential funding sources available for branches looking to open in the New York City area. First, potential bank branches can turn to the Federal government for small business loans at a low return interest rate (Mullenweg 1). Yet, there are also private organizations and investors that would be willing to help fund start up costs for a percentage of the overall equity of the branch. Capital Corp Merchant Banking helps provide loans and also invests in new start up banks upon acceptance of business plans (Capital Corp Merchant Banking 1). Finding multiple sources of funding is ideal so that a tight budget can be stretched further.

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