British Education System a Scheme Essay

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Time management plays an essential role in ensuring that there is proper allocation of time in all the topics in the course outline. With regards to this, design of my scheme of work is that it makes sure that there is enough time to handle every topic successfully. In addition, proper allocation of time when designing a scheme of work helps in estimating the total amount of time required to complete a particular course.

Textbooks are an essential part of learning any course. Textbooks assist the teacher as well as students in getting necessary materials concerning their course. On the side of the teachers, the textbook assists the teachers to get more information in various topics that are in the course outline. In addition, textbooks assist teachers in designing schemes of work (Crisan 2005). This is because the teachers follow the textbooks to identify the requirements of each topic subtopic. Teacher's guide for textbooks usually accompanies the main text books. They help in guiding the teacher throughout the course on what the course entails and its requirements (Frankum 2006). On the side of the students, text books acts as a study kit for them. They include all what is necessary for them to pass well in their course. In addition, textbooks usually have revision questions at the end of every topic and subtopic. Through attempting those questions, the learners familiarize themselves with questions that are likely to appear in their final exam. With respect to this, I have included various textbooks in the scheme of work that I have designed. This is primarily for referencing purpose in case of any problem during my delivery.

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ICT as an academic resource play a very significant role in preparing the learners in order to pass well in their final exam (Johnston & Pimm 2005). Use of ICT in solving a mathematical problem is now a common practice in many courses. This is because the use of ICT makes learning easy and more entertaining. ICT provide a wide range of online materials, which supplements textbooks as well as teacher's talk (Johnston & Pimm 2005). With ease of access of online services, it is now easy for the student to access free online materials which can contribute immensely in their academic performance.

Essay on British Education System a Scheme Assignment

There are three ways in of ICT usage in a mathematic course. These are using ICT as a data analysis tool, problem solving tool and using it for integrating mathematics with a certain context (Johnston & Pimm 2005). Current research indicates that the introduction of technology in the education arena is making it possible for the learning process. This is because embracing ICT saves time and gives the learners to powerful and new ways of exploring concepts at greater depths. The power of computers results to significant changes in the instruction in mathematics (Boaler 2000). For instance, the ability to construct and run complex mathematical concepts, as well as easy exploration of questions through parametric variation is opening up new avenues for the subject. In addition, current research indicates that teaching calculus with the help of computers is a dramatic change. This is because the computer technology is revolutionizing calculus activities including data and graphical analysis.

It is also evidence that weak students are highly likely to succeed with the help of ICT. This is because they come to realize that mathematics as a subject is not only for their able classmates, rather it is for everyone interested in understand it (Johnston & Pimm 2005). Although there is a lot of writings about the potential that ICT have in changing the way teachers teach mathematics in school, it is evidence that there are fewer writings about how the embracement of ICT changes the perception of the students about the subject or the course at large (Johnston & Pimm 2005).

It is evidence that embracing the use of ICT in teaching mathematics is of great significant to both teachers and the students (Frankum 2006). This is because it makes learning easy to understand. In addition, it saves the effort of the teacher when it comes to demonstrating complex concepts (Johnston & Pimm 2005). Concerning this, I have taken the use of ICT into consideration during the designing of the scheme of work. With this into consideration, the short course will become easy to deliver in an effective manner.

Addressing Issues of Inequality, Diversity and Inclusiveness

Embracing equality among learners is a one of the key issue that any teacher should take into consideration when preparing a scheme of work for a particular course (Frankum 2006). The teacher should focus on the aspects that can bring equality discrimination to the learners. Some of these include race, sex, sexual orientation, religion or belief, disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, age, marriage, and civil partnership (Errington 2011). While some of these aspects may not apply to a significant extent to the students that am taking through in the short cause, others are significant, and they have greatly influenced how I have designed the scheme of work.

Taking disability in to account, I have allocated specific time for those students with disability. It is my understanding that students with disability either physically or mentally require a lot of time in order to be at par with the rest of the students. This will create equality among all the students and none of the students will feel alienated because of his or her disability. When it comes to gender equality, the scheme of work that I have designed does not favor any gender. It is a universal scheme and hence gender issue has not influenced me during its designing (Oldknow, Taylor & Tetlow 2010).

With regards to beliefs and religion, I have made sure that I have not assigned any lessons to any holy day of each religion in my class. This is for the purpose of respecting their religion. Discrimination in any way is not evidence in the design of my scheme of work. This is because I understand clearly the repercussions of discrimination on the students. Discriminated student always feel that he or she is not a member of the group, and this affects his or her studies significantly.

Other Issues

In most cases, things do not go as planned. With regards to this, there are possibilities that may hinder me attending some lessons as indicated in the scheme of work (Errington 2011). This implies that failure to follow up may lead to not achieving the objectives of the topic as well as the course at large (Errington 2011). To cater for such situations, I have allocated a lesson every week. This lesson is for compensating the lesson that I do not attend in the course of the week. In case, there is none, this becomes a free lesson for students to discuss. It is also a lesson in which students can ask difficult questions.


In conclusion, it is evident that a well designed scheme of work plays a significant role in ensuring that a student succeed in his or her academic life. Scheme of work usually guides the teacher to teach wit right pace. On the other hand, it helps to the student to learn as planned by their tutor or teacher. Therefore, when designing a scheme, the teacher should consider all factors. This is ensuring that the teacher and the students meet the objectives set in a particular course. With respect to this, scheme of work that I have designed will prepare students well for passing the GCSE exam after the completion of the course.


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