British Invasion Essay

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The British Invasion").

The Beatles

Arguably the most influential band to emerge from the British Invasion was the Beatles. A generation of American teenage males strove to be like them, while a generation of teenage females wanted to be with them. During the sixties, the Beatles not only became a musical phenomenon, they also affected the styles and fashions of the decade and transformed the record industry as well. The group brought about royalties for artists and producers, revolutionized music tours, and started the pop promo film or what we know today as the music video.

When the Beatles began they started by wearing black suits and a clean cut appearance. However, their attitudes began to change as their music evolved. They wrote their own music, and encouraged other artists, such as the Rolling Stones to do so as well. Many groups imitated their style. The impact of the Beatles on Western culture is incalculable. As musicians, they proved that rock and roll could embrace a limitless variety of harmonies, structures and sounds; virtually every rock experiment has some precedent on Beatle records. The Beatles were also one of the first bands to actually express their feelings on major world issues. They played in the United Kingdom originally and then traveled outside to the United States and other countries such as Mexico, Canada and Japan. This allowed them to spread their influence throughout. They kept their integrity, stood up for what they believe in, and made music for the things they loved (Davis and Pike).

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TOPIC: Essay on British Invasion on the United Assignment

While other British invasion bands such as The Beatles were admired for their positive, happy, yet socially relevant music, The Rolling Stones could be considered the rebellious "anti-Beatles." The Rolling Stones' song Satisfaction recorded in May of 1965 became more than just a rock and roll hit, for many it touched a nerve exposing dissatisfaction with the way things were. It was a song that captured the frustrations bubbling up with the younger generation on a number of fronts including the Civil Rights Movement, the Woman's Movement, and the Vietnam War. The Rolling Stones had been inspired by black musicians and sang freely about sexual subjects. These types of messages were embraced by many young Americans and raised awareness of the social ills of the time.


The British invasion was more important as an event. It was not just about the music. It was more than that. It began as the nation was mourning the death of an American president and lifted the spirits and moods of the youth. The British Invasion was the start of a new revolution promising a time of hope and optimism for change (Bangs).

Once the Beatles landed on the runway of JFK airport in 1964, ascended the ramp and looked out at their new kingdom, the hearts and minds of the throngs of screaming fans were theirs. Their style, presence, and confidence became a drug the world has never stopped taking. The British bands became idols to thousands of teenage baby boomers, influencing their style, and behavior.

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