Business Plan Business Financial Essay

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This means securing prices for raw materials from suppliers before the first cookie is even produced. To implement this internal control, suppliers will need to enter into a concrete contract, securing the prices for various raw materials on an annual basis. Finally, it will be another major need to ensure the future of the online presence of the company. This will mean constant marketing work on behalf of the company. For the first few moths, this will have to be done by the office manager. Yet, as the company grows it will need to open up a position dealing strictly with marketing and online applications in order to keep the level of marketing relevant within the market environment.

VI. Regulatory Environment

FDA regulations are the biggest concerns. Food and health inspectors will need to approve the commercial kitchen before operations can begin (Hub Pages, 2012). Moreover, there will need to be warning levels of products that include nuts, chocolates, and other ingredients that some of the population is highly allergic to. This will help ensure that operations run smoothly, and without violating regulations stipulated by the FDA.

VII. Conclusion

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Overall, Sweet Tooth Treats already has everything in place, and simply needs the start up capital to launch itself as a major brand name in the local baking business. Investment will help secure the best equipment, the most premier location, and the most robust online marketing campaigns. All in all, Sweet Tooth Treats has what others are lacking -- quality and taste.


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TOPIC: Essay on Business Plan Business Financial Plan Assignment

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