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There is a long and complex history of land claims and disputes regarding these islands, and the deal represents a significant economic event for all parties involved. The determination of ownership will also effect things in the future, especially for First Nations people that live in economically depressed conditions.

Many analysts specialize in researching and evaluating the securities of companies in one industry. These analysts look at all the factors in the industry that influence the price of the companies' stocks. They study new products, market prices, and other industry-wide trends. Analysts study a company's financial status to see how much the company is earning compared with others in the industry. Some analysts visit the companies they are researching to interview the management and to determine how efficiently the companies are being operated. Analysts compare the companies' financial reports with those of previous years. Then they try to predict what will happen to the earnings in the future.

The report notes that Germany has been more aggressive than Canada in reigning in government deficits. The European country has a deficit of only 1.2 per cent of gross domestic product, while Canada's combined federal-provincial shortfall is five per cent the size of the economy.

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The other area in which Germany does substantially better is trade. The collapse of exports since the recession leaves Canada with a current account deficit of about three per cent of GDP, while Germany still enjoys a massive surplus.

Surprisingly, the U.S. is second last in the G7, mostly due to its high unemployment and budgetary deficit valued at 10 per cent of GDP, the worst in the group. Not such a surprise is that Italy, which is in the midst of a sovereign debt crisis, trails the group.

Canada averaged 7.5 per cent unemployment in 2011, and inflation was 2.9 per cent overall.

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The report states that there's a chance Canada could regain top spot next year if expectations for growth are borne out.

These banks think that a lost investment for a client is okay and the president of the bank's office thinks throwing a couple of crumbs should cover their screw up, their ombudsman is to find a way out for the bank. I'm actually glad the government takes a decent role in the banking industry .our banks are too big as it is the way they act toward their own clients. It's too bad the occupy movement didn't have better leadership.

Timothy Clark, Vancouver



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Are you expecting more regulations in the banking system, for instance limiting dividends and salaries?

Calls for this type of restrictions are part of the traditional back lash in any economic down turn. Restrictions of this type are ineffective at best.

What would be applicable solutions for this crisis in your opinion?

This is a full blown crisis and depending on how the crisis unfolds, countries have to consider using the full arsenal, available to governments. As Canada appears to be much less exposed, interest rate reductions, guaranteed inter-bank lending, if required, and availability of sufficient amounts of liquidity would likely suffice. Government agencies can use monetary stimuli, such as lower interest rates or fiscal stimuli such as direct investments into industry sectors.

Do you have any advice?

The single most important advice, which is good in any crisis: To let common sense prevail and not follow any emotional impulses. Any investor, who has a well thought out portfolio and strategy, should stay with it.



Vancouver vs. Boston 4-3

Ottawa vs. Philadelphia 2-3

Edmonton vs. Dallas 1-4

Winnipeg vs. Buffalo 2-1

Detroit vs. Toronto 3-4

Tampa Bay vs. Montreal 1-3


Seattle vs. Arizona 20-23

Tampa Bay vs. Atlanta 14-17

Dallas vs. NYG 21-14

Cincinnati vs. Houston 7-3

Detroit vs. New Orleans 20-45


Minnesota vs. Washington 80-90

Orlando vs. Sacramento 87-107

San Antonio vs. OKC 101-111

Milwaukee vs. Los Angeles 93-102


National Canadian Bank seeking


Loan Processor.



• Verification of trade instructions from date through settlement date.

• Fail reporting for all trades not settled timely.

Interaction with clients and third parties to resolve trade differences.

• Reporting to senio r management

College Degree and 3 years experience required.


Education/Training Requirements

A person must have a college education to become a financial analyst. Employers look for people with a degree in business administration. Undergraduate courses in finance, business, economics, statistics, accounting, mathematics, and law prove helpful. Increasingly, applicants for financial analyst positions have earned a master's degree in business administration (MBA). Analysts must understand corporate accounting to analyze financial statements. Banks, corporations and brokerage houses generally offer some form of training for beginning financial analysts.

Canadian Economic Statistics

GDP (purchasing power parity):

$1.33 trillion (2010 est.)

country comparison to the world: 15

GDP - real growth rate:

3.1% (2010 est.)

country comparison to the world: 123

GDP - per capita (PPP):

$39,400 (2010 est.)

country comparison to the world: 22

GDP - composition by sector:

agriculture: 2.2%

industry: 26.3%

services: 71.5% (2010 est.)

Labor force: 18.53 million (2010 est.)… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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