Cardiovascular Diseases' Is an Umbrella Essay

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Thus in such a case, responding to the emerging cardiovascular disease symptoms becomes a challenge.

Another reason why individuals in low income countries are more likely to die from CVDs has got to do with nutrition transition. As Reddy and Yusuf (1998) note, availability of affordable vegetable oils and fats across the globe has resulted into an increase in the consumption of fat among countries considered low-income. According to the authors, another factor which also continues to play a pivotal role in this trend is food production and marketing globalization which in turn brings about an increase in the consumption of foods rich in energy but having minimal dietary fiber.

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Lastly, a recent theory branded the "fetal origins hypothesis" could further explain adult CVD deaths in low-income countries. Basically, the hypothesis postulates that CVDs in later life could be a direct consequence of small birth size. Here, poor maternal nutrition and other intrauterine influence considered adverse informs the development of a number of birth size deformities including a smaller head circumference or low weight at birth (Reddy and Yusuf 1998). On registration of these influences, the survival of the fetus has to be facilitated by psychological as well as metabolic processes or responses. It is these processes that distort a child's responses to challenges in the environment as he or she grows. This in turn brings about hypertension, intolerance of glucose and later on, adult CVDs. Most of those at risk of adverse intrauterine influences are those individuals living in low income countries.


In conclusion, the discussion above clearly demonstrates that individuals from low-income countries (and most particularly the poorest ones) are most affected by cardiovascular diseases. It therefore follows that to reverse the trend; stakeholders in low-income countries must devise more proactive and all inclusive strategies for dealing with CVDs.


TOPIC: Essay on Cardiovascular Diseases' Is an Umbrella Assignment

Reddy, K.S. & Yusuf, S. (1998). Emerging Epidemic of Cardiovascular Disease in Developing Countries. American Heart Association 97: 596 -- 601 doi: 10.1161/01.CIR.97.6.596

World Health Organization (September 2011). Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs). Retrieved November 21,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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