Career Interest Is Accounting SWOT

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I am eagerly awaiting your response and looking forward to thanking you for the opportunity of granting me a formal interview. Thank you for reviewing my material.

Yours faithfully

Enclosures: Resume, appreciation letter, and academic certificates.

(Resume / cover letter examples)

Section 3: Analysis

• Career goals and career strategy

-- What are your career goals?

Short-term -- Internship/Consulting Project/Dissertation.

Medium term -- After Graduation and up to 2 years. Seeking different job interviews, brushing up my interview skills. Looking for a job. My expectations are of initially assisting several clients and working up to positions of greater responsibility within 1 -- 2 years. If I were proficient at my job and able to gain conspicuousness, I may be able to gain a senior positon in approximatley 5 years. Excelling, I can go on to more prestigious postions that include supervisor, managerial, and executive roles. I incline towards opening my own firm / becoming self-employed as online or offline consultant.

Using Cameron's (2009) model, what is your career strategy? How have you constructed your career strategy? What has influenced your strategy?

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My career strategy is to work on sharpening my strengths whilst filling in gaps (such as learning certain software) and acquring skills that are necessary (such as people skills). I will spend less time working on weaknesses that are only partially relevent to the job. Working on my strengths will give me a niche. Hands on- and practical experience will be my main tool for learning as well as intractign with other accountants and joining associations. I have learned this from interviewing succesful accountants and from reading memoris of those who have worked in the field.

• Industry/Sector analysis

I intend to work for corporations, perhaps giving some of my time for individuals who work in non-profit concerns. This will allow me to make the kind of money that I intend to whilst also being idealistic silmultaneously.

SWOT on Career Interest Is Accounting. Accountancy Assignment

Key challenges facing organisations in this industry/sector include keen competition in prestigious firms. I would need to be licensed and have a Masters as edge. I would also need to acquire specialization in related computer software. Being that I am good in what I do and enjoy it as well as scrupulously honest, I don't see why I should not succeed.

• Role analysis

I have decided to choose public accountancy as my specific role. This involves a broad range of skills that includes accounting, auditing, and communication with client, dealing with taxes, and consulting activities. I feel able to accomplish these tasks well and enjoy them. Public accountancy also opens me up to far more opportunities that Managerial accountancy or internal auditing does. And it provides me with skills that enables me to make transition would I wish to do so.

• Critical evaluation of your strengths and development needs

-- The priority knowledge, skills and talents that organisations are looking for in an ideal candidate are an aptitude for mathematics and the ability to rapidly analyze, compare, and interpret figures and facts. Also integrity and the ability to communicate with people and clearly explain my transaction to them. Computer skills in related software are a critical plus.

My particular strengths are in auditing and mathematics. People skills and knowledge of futher computer software needs to be worked on.

Other areas that I need to develop for my career search skills include networking, presentation skills, confidence and positive mindset. All of these need to be developed. Particularly confidence and esteem to start my own business.

On the other hand, my strengths and areas of development are a superb match for what organisations are looking for in an ideal candidate for my chosen role. This is particularly so when I have completed the course in this college and after having carried out an internship or two. I have identified this information through carefully and critically browsing though online sites that deal with accounting and that inform me about career expectations in this field.

• Action Plan for developing your career strategy to ensure that I am the ideal candidate for my accounting role, and specifically in securing an internship/consulting project during my MBA, I will show a concentrated attention in lessons, keeping up with latest news in Accountancy on the side. I will constantly review that which I have learned, and browse throguh software on the side. All areas of global business will interest me.

Action plan with specific actions that delivers my career strategy

Year 1-2: Acquisiton of skills. Browsing software. Internship. Masters Year 2- 3: Job interviews. Networking. Attending conferences. Giving presentaitons. Joining associations. Working for individual clients.

Years 3+: Returning for further accredidation. Looking into self-employment and various related options. Taking the next step


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