Central Intelligence Agency (Cia) Essay

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This information is then given to the policy makers. It is, however, important to know that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) does not make the policies. It just provide the policy makers with relevant information and it is, then, the responsibility of the agencies such as, the State Department and Department of Defense, to formulate the policies that may benefit the United States of America in the best possible way. ("What we do," 2007)

Role of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Combating International Terrorism

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) provides all possible assistance to the government of the United States of America in fighting the international terrorist threats. It provides the government with relevant information regarding the international terrorist groups. In addition to that, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) also works with foreign governments for the purpose of combating international terrorism. It also shares important information regarding the terrorist groups with these governments. ("Frequently Asked Questions," 2007)

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For the purpose of combating international terrorism the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been working with its old alliances and it has also been creating new partnerships with various countries. The CIA has been using the elements of national power such as, economic powers, financial powers and law enforcement powers, in a steadfast and systematic way in order to eliminate international terrorism not only from the United States of America but from the entire world. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) aims to defeat the international terrorism through combined international efforts. For this purpose it has been taking steps to diminish the means that provide assistance and support to terrorists globally. It has also made alliances with various countries to find out the underlying facts that support terrorist activities. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been playing an influential role in fighting against the international terrorism globally. ("National strategy for," 2003)

Intelligence Reform Act

TOPIC: Essay on Central Intelligence Agency (Cia), Its Assignment

National Intelligence Program

The intelligence reform act of 2004 amends and adds a few other things in the intelligence department of the U.S.A. According to the act, the national foreign intelligence program was replaced by the national intelligence program. (Collins, 2004)

Director of National Intelligence

This act states that a director of national intelligence shall be made by the confirmation of the senate. The Director of national intelligence shall not be the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency or any other intelligence body. The act also outlines the authorities that are to be performed by the Director of national intelligence. (Collins, 2004)

The Director of National Intelligence is given the authority to build and allocate the budget of the National Intelligence program. The DNI will receive budget proposals by the heads of different elements of the intelligence community and will make the budget accordingly. The heads of other intelligence bodies will also submit their requests of budget alteration to the Director of national intelligence. (Collins, 2004)

In addition to the creation of a budget, the DNI must also ensure that it is implemented and executed properly. The Director of OMB must assign the NIP budget if exclusively directed by the DNI. The DNI must also make sure that these allocations reach their respective departments throughout the intelligence community. Moreover, the DNI must also monitor the implementation of the NIP by getting information from the heads. The DNI must report to the president and the Congress within fifteen days if any intelligence body has acted against the directives of the DNI. (Collins, 2004)

The DNI is also responsible for the reprogramming of NIP funds. The funds cannot be reprogrammed or rerouted without the DNI's permission except in situations told by the DNI. If a fund is reprogrammed with the permission of the DNI, it must be reprogrammed to a more important intelligence activity, it must improve efficiency of the program and it must not be from the CIA or DNI reserve. (Collins, 2004)

The DNI, in the financial year after the date of the act, is allowed to have 500 new non-military quarters in the office of the DNI. The DNI is also allowed to transfer 150 employees within the NIP to the office of the DNI with the permission of the Director OMB. The DNI is also allowed to transfer 100 employees to the national intelligence center with the approval of the Director of OMB. (Collins, 2004)

The DNI must also handle tasking, analysis and the employees in the NIP to ensure efficient working of the whole program. Moreover, the DNI must also make sure that the sources and methods of the intelligence community are safe and are not disclosed publicly. The DNI must also supervise the relationship of the intelligence community with the intelligence agencies of foreign countries. (Collins, 2004)

The effective provision of common services is also a responsibility of the DNI according to the act. The DNI shall also give recommendations to the president for the nominees of the deputy DNI and the Director CIA. (Collins, 2004)

The act also makes it a responsibility of the president to create an Information Sharing Environment (ISE) to avoid calamities such as 9/11. This is because of the recommendation given by the 9/11 commission about the resistance to information sharing. (Collins, 2004)

The act also creates a Privacy and Civil Liberty Oversight Board within the office of the president to ensure that liberty and privacy are considered in making laws and policies to protect the nation against terrorism. (Collins, 2004)

Within 180 days of enactment, the DNI shall make personnel responsible for alternative analysis, safeguarding objectivity in intelligence analysis and analytic integrity. These personnel will be responsible for analyzing the finished intelligence product. (Collins, 2004)

Lastly, the act also adds the establishment of national counter terrorism, national counter proliferation and national intelligence centers to the duties of the DNI. (Collins, 2004)

Major Components of the CIA

The CIA is made up of four basic components that work together to take and process the information in the intelligence cycle.

The Directorate of Support (DS)

As the name suggests, the Directorate of Support provides the CIA with a vast variety of support services. The Directorate of Support consists of skilled personnel who are determined to make the CIA prosper.The Directorate of Support is responsible for building and supporting facilities for the CIA all over the world. The Directorate of Support also ensures a secure network across which the CIA exchanges data and intelligence reports. The acquisition and supply of clandestine equipment to CIA officials in even the most remote areas around the world is also the responsibility of the Directorate of support. The Directorate of Support is also held responsible for the security of buildings, personnel and networks. The Directorate of Support also helps the CIA in hiring and training the employees for every job. In addition to that, the Directorate of Support also takes care of the health and other needs of the employees. The financial and contracting businesses in the CIA are also managed by the Directorate of support. The role of the Directorate of Support has been simple, yet important, to make sure that the networks, officers, analysts and equipment of the CIA are safe and are in a condition to work for the mission of the CIA. (Components of.., 2009)

The Directorate of Intelligence (DI)

The second component of the CIA is the Directorate of Intelligence. The Directorate of Intelligence is responsible for the analysis of information and its sources in order to generate intelligence reports for the president and other parties who are working for the betterment of the U.S.A. These reports help these people in making correct decisions. The personnel of the Directorate of Intelligence use sophisticated means such as reports from spies, satellites and data from sensors to turn the fragments of information into valuable intelligence reports. The Directorate of Intelligence uses methods of analysis to make sure that the end results of those analyze are clear and impartial. The tasks performed by the Directorate of Intelligence are exhausting but the personnel are determined to make America a safer place and nothing disrupts their determination. (Components of.., 2009)

The Directorate of Intelligence produces the intelligence products necessary for the policy makers to take efficient decisions. The products are:

The CIA World Intelligence Review (WIRe):

This is considered to be the most important product of the Directorate of Intelligence. WIRe is a daily electronic publication that helps senior policy makers and security officials to make the current developments and foreign developments that can affect U.S. interests clear for the readers. The methods and research of this paper is kept a secret as it contains information about the ways through which the Directorate of Intelligence got the information. (Components of.., 2009)

President's Daily Brief (PDB):

This is a daily product of the intelligence community under the supervision of the Director of National Intelligence. The PDB is specifically designed for the president, the vice president and the cabinet level officials. It contains issues related to the president and is not general.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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