Chain of Command in Vietnam Essay

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These locations were used as a safe haven. ("Effects of Restrictive Rules," 1995) (Lewy, 1978)

General William Westmoreland: Westmoreland felt that this approach had the ability to destroy the enemy's willingness to carry on with the war. This is from the belief that an extended conflict would wear down their ability to fight and resupply troops. ("Effects of Restrictive Rules," 1995) (Lewy, 1978)

Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara: McNamara was utilizing the ROE to prevent the conflict from escalating by limiting the practices and areas U.S. troops were allowed. Over the course of time, this was believed to be a good way to contain the threat and help to support South Vietnam. ("Effects of Restrictive Rules," 1995) (Lewy, 1978)

President Lyndon Johnson: President Johnson needed to show that the U.S. was committed in preventing the spread of Communism. However, he did not want to see the situation turn into another Korean War. Instead, the ROE was used to tone down the hostilities. While at the same time, it is limiting North Vietnam's ability to fight. This was supposed to create a perfect balance in preventing any kind of escalations and achieving the different military objectives. ("Effects of Restrictive Rules," 1995) (Lewy, 1978)


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Clearly, the ROE was designed to support the limited war policy. For the soldiers, battalion and division commanders these restrictions hurt their ability to effectively engage the enemy. In the case of Westmoreland, McNamara and Johnson; they were using this as a way to prevent the war from escalating. This is because they were fearful of unlimited restrictions leading to a larger conflict. To prevent this, these policies were enacted and enforced to ensure that the U.S. achieves its objectives (without disturbing the balance of power on the world stage).


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TOPIC: Essay on Chain of Command in Vietnam, Assignment

Lewy, G. (1978). America in Vietnam. New… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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