Chile, Officially Known as Republic Essay

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The remarkable fact is that the principles, morals, values and ethics of the Chilean identity are even shared by the Araucanians and certain Aymara minorities which at the same time attach importance to their own cultural heritage as well. It is incredible that Chileans have an amazing knack to display a high degree of broadmindedness and patience toward the customs and traditions of marginal groups in the country. The Chileans also demonstrate great tolerance towards Christian and non-Christian religious practices. One can easily observe the essence of local custom and tradition in Chile in the various vibrant religious festivals that happen at a variety of regions all over the country ("Chile").

Cueca is the national dance of the country whereas tonada is a form of traditional Chilean song. The most noteworthy of the creative arts in the country is its poetry. Santiago serves as a hub for much of the fine and performing arts of the country. The cultural events mainly take place between March and November. The famous pianist, Claudio Arrau, is considered as the most distinguished Chilean musicians. Santiago also is the main center of art galleries where the works of Chilean artists are exhibited and put up for sale. However, only a few commendable artists have been produced in the Chilean land; most noteworthy of which are Roberto Matta Echaurren (painter) and Marta Colvin (sculptor) ("Chile").


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Chileans have their long-established way of doing things. Their ways are relatively unusual from other people. Male Chileans are used to of greeting each other with a handshake in case they are not familiar to each other. However, when a Chilean man greets a woman or when two women greet each other, they give each other a kiss on the cheek. The informal relatives greet each other with a big hug (un abrazo) or a kiss on the cheek.

Essay on Chile, Officially Known as Republic Assignment

In Chilean society, everyone has a right to marry according to his/her will and liking. However, as Chile is a class-conscious society, people generally choose their life partners from comparable social and educational backgrounds. Chileans prefer nuclear family and thus it is the most dominant household unit in the country. Men are mostly the authoritative figure in the family. The families in low-income sectors are usually run by females as the dominant figure (Silva).


Thus, Chile is one of the most secure and wealthy nations of South America and is generally recognized all over the world as a middle power and a rising economy.


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