Co-Occurrence of Substance Use-Behaviors Essay

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Essentially, the issue becomes not one of ethnicity, but one of socio-economic status, education levels, skilled or unskilled labor, and the like. Further, the samples include reference to African-Americans, not blacks, and whites, but not Caucasians. The lack of consistent categories is unsettling and results in inaccuracies (not all blacks are African-Americans, for example) and assumptions. Further, there does not appear to be a categorical analysis for Asians or Pacific-Islanders. This is a significant omission -- one that is no doubt difficulty to remedy in longitudinal studies.

Ethnic and racial status influence the decision made about youth at every step of the juvenile court process. Juvenile offenders who have several arrests are more likely to be involved in violent crimes and property crimes. This research clearly points to the need for aggressive early intervention in the lives of youth who most likely to evidence substance-related behaviors.

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Essay on Co-Occurrence of Substance Use-Behaviors in Assignment

Malgarini, M. (2005, November). Efficient sample design and weighting methodologies: Analysis of key issues and recommendations. [Paper presented at the Joint European Commission - OECD Workshop on International Development of Business and Consumer Tendency Surveys in Brussels on November 14 -- 15, 2005, for the Task Force on…
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