Code of Ethics Critically Analyse Essay

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Social work "promotes justice and social fairness, by acting to reduce barriers and to expand choice and potential for all persons, with special regard for those who are disadvantaged, vulnerable, oppressed or have exceptional needs" (13). The Code stresses that it is the social worker's, not the client's responsibility to set boundaries regarding what constitutes professional behavior, including ones that relate to physical contact (22).

However, while the statements are affirmative of culturally diverse attitudes in words, how precisely the social worker should put these ideas into practice is vague. There are certain practical statements which seem sensible, like having a translator on hand when dealing with members of tribes who do not speak English and to only make referrals to competent persons (21). There are references to specifics as to what constitutes informed consent, terminating services, and the ethics of research, but even these are open to interpretation.

Most aspects of dealing with aboriginal persons present such great challenges that the Code does not specifically flesh them out, such as in cases when conflicts of interest arise. Despite an emphasis on avoiding such conflicts in small communities with minimal supportive resources: "it may be necessary for the social worker and the client/s to acknowledge and work with such conflicts within the situation. If no supervisor or professional colleague is available for consultation, members could contact the AASW Ethics Consultation Service" (24).

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The ethics guide does not even attempt to be comprehensive. Values such as multiculturalism and a commitment to the client are celebrated, but how these values translate into practice are in large part left up to the discretion of the social worker. The necessity of this is obvious, given the lack of predictability of social worker's client base and needs. However, a social worker experiencing an ethical conflict might view the guide with great frustration.


TOPIC: Essay on Code of Ethics Critically Analyse Assignment

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