Code of Ethics Essay

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A complain box must be in place where employees can drop in their complains with confidentiality. This drop box must only be accessible by the top management.

Review and Improvements

Goodwill Management Consulation Inc. understands the fact that the organization's do not exist in a constant environment and that external environment is constantly evolving thus forcing an organizations internal dynamics to change (Marsh, 2003). This, topped with more sophisticated technology coming in, requires that the ethical standards and the code of ethics are constantly reviewed and upgraded at regular intervals. It is important that the organization ensures that it is updated with all the ordinances passed and all the recent amendments made in all relevant laws including company law, consumer protection laws, labor laws, International Accounting Standards etc. The organization must ensure that its work practices and ethical code of conduct is upgraded to comply with the new changes (Brown & Mausehund,1997). It must also ensure that a comprehensive change management plan is in place and the workforce is taken on board and is made aware and trained about the implementation of changes in ethical standards and the required levels of compliance (Sims, 1994).

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It is essential to understand that an obsolete code of ethics or an unmonitored code of ethics is equal to code of ethics not present at all. Moreover the code of ethics must also have a room of flexibility so that necessary amendments can be made in an event if an unprecedented or unanticipated situation arises that demands ethical decision making.


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TOPIC: Essay on Code of Ethics Over a Assignment

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