Cognitive Psychology Absolutely Nothing Interests Essay

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Ultimately, it was this adamant denial which allowed for the rise in cognitive psychology which chose to acknowledge the connection (Davenport, 2001).

With the advent of the computer, came a dramatic change in the way psychology is viewed. The technology allowed psychologists to theorize about the internal human mechanisms making decisions regarding behavior as computers used programming to come to logical ends. It was this comparison to the human mind that provided cognitive psychology with a model upon which to speculate about human behavior (Stone, 20011). Thus, this milestone became known in psychology as the computer metaphor (Stone, 2011). While the human brain cannot actually be reduced to mechanistic functions like a computer can be, how a computer operates can help explain how the brain functions.

Artificial intelligence is an important milestone in cognitive psychology as it could not exist without it. In General Psychology, "Cognitive psychology did not only benefit from the development of computers; at one end, it also stirred further growth of computer technology. Artificial intelligence was developed from the rise of cognitive psychology. Artificial intelligence is a technological innovation for machines that perform intelligent functions, such as diagnosing medical illnesses, prescribing treatments, examining equipment failure, evaluating loan applicants, and advising students on college courses" (Unk.).Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Cognitive Psychology Absolutely Nothing Interests Assignment

Neuroscience was another milestone in the development of cognitive psychology. Neuroscientists were no longer content to consider the mind the mystery it had been considered for years. Instead, they wanted to understand not just what the brain did, but how the brain did it. One of the first things that neuroscientists were able to do was to work with people who were brain damaged, and knowing what area of the brain was damaged and how that damage impacted functioning. These observations allowed people to begin to develop an understanding of how the brain actually functioned, which led to advances in cognitive psychology.

Obviously, behavioral observation in cognitive psychology is of the utmost importance. Behavioral observation allows the psychologist to look into the human mind by comparing the abstract construct and comparing it against the actual behavior (Stone, 2011). In this way, the psychologist may determine if the theory hypothesized regarding the inner processes of the mind were either right or wrong (Stone, 2011). It is only by inference from actual human behavior, that it is possible to study the higher mental functions of the human mind (Stone, 2011).


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