Colonial Education the Colonial Era Essay

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The colonial era's version of higher education seemed much more about quality than quantity. The seven liberal arts and sciences were the main subjects presented which allowed the students plenty of room for self-exploration and artistic expression. This behavior is often frowned upon in many modern classrooms today, where conformity and aggressive compliance with rules and regulations can earn a student great accolades in today's colleges and institutions of higher learning.

The culture in today's educational system demands that students be understood what to think instead of how to think. The seven liberal arts and sciences presented a purpose to its students that man is more than just a machine capable of regurgitation of facts and trends, rather man's imagination and his ability to employ that psychic ability into the real world as a creator instead of a reactor. This purpose is highly enlightened where most go to college today simply to get a good job and earn money.

The social control that is a result of today's educational system seem diametrically opposed to the more liberating concepts our colonial ancestors developed within their higher educational institutions. These differences in mission and purpose perhaps tells us more about our society and culture in general and how we may, as a group, steer our collective in a cooperative manner and direction.


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TOPIC: Essay on Colonial Education the Colonial Era's Assignment

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