Communications Plan Developing and Managing Essay

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This offers additional value and elevates customer satisfaction.

These strategies create improved data intelligence and reporting, in both real-time and post transaction forums. Real-time analysis dashboards have increased in popularity over the past five years. They offer management an immediate, detailed view of key metrics. Similarly, in terms of analyzing post transaction detail, data warehousing provides the ideal methodology for enhanced forecasting. The benefits are far reaching and include the ability to identify areas for improvement in both business operations and supply chain environments. Most importantly, this allows marketing to make data-informed decisions when refining marketing strategies and communications as part of a continuous improvement program.

Marketing Communication Strategies

Domestic Marketing

Domestic marketing consists of four guiding principles. Knowledge-based promotion ensures that the product is promoted with messaging directed at the appropriate target audience. Of central importance is the communication of the competitive advantage which should garner attention and create an enduring value proposition and brand.

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The second principle is building loyalty, which ensures that advertisers are not overshadowed by competitors or negatively impacted by the influence of fads in the market. The third principle -- parameters, not formulas -- refers to the unique selling proposition of each component of a product line and how it is aimed at precisely the right audience. The fourth principle, meeting the genuine need, focuses on the true treasure of a company -- its customers -- and how companies can ensure customer needs are met (Efroze Chemical Industries Ltd., n.d.).

International Marketing

TOPIC: Essay on Communications Plan Developing and Managing Assignment

International marketing strategies are a global extension of a company's domestic marketing, but with different considerations. Factors such as demographic size, market segmentation, distribution channels, growth, and physical environment all require research and analysis. Analysis of the competitive landscape is also important and should be examined closely to develop a successful marketing message and brand position.

Domestic vs. International Marketing

Domestic marketing is targeted primarily at a single market which means an organization faces only one set of direct competitors and the present economy. However, international marketing goes far beyond simply exporting a company's goods into new territories. It means facilitating several sets of competitors, multiple economies, and challenging market issues. In addition, careful consideration must be given to diverse cultural norms and customs, economic and political structures, demographic challenges, and supply chain issues. Businesses must also contend with the complexity of customs associated tariffs.


In conclusion, the creation of a solid, marketing communication plan will help Kudler expand its revenue sources by attracting and retaining loyal customers at home and abroad. The value for the product must meet the need of the target audience (Method 123 Ltd., 2010). Once the target audience has been carefully detailed and the direct marketing campaign has been solidified, we aim to implement a well-thought out approach with cost effective and lucrative results. We believe this will allow access to the broadest and most appropriate markets for our organic product line. Team C. will focus on both domestic and international markets. This marketing communications plan will be designed to win sales, build brand awareness and increase future revenue for Kudler.


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