Communicatioon in a Project Importance Case Study

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(Health Service Executive 2005). With the identification of the problems, there was a consensus to review the project, and provide key changes in the project.

Strategies to Enforce Key Change Management

The strategies to enforce key change management to achieve success in the PPARS project are as follows:

First, the changes suggest that there is a need to enforce honest and clear communication among the project team member. The communication plan should provide greater understanding on the PPARS vision, the major reason of the changes imperative, and the reason for the implementation.

Moreover, there should be a direct communication to everyone to have impact on the change process of the project. The senior management must demonstrate effective communication through words, behavior and commitment to project change process.

It is also recommended that there is a need to incorporate regular checkpoints for feedback in the communication plan. The regular checkpoint would involve the monitoring team that would communicate the progress of the project to the appropriate authority. The monitoring team would also oversee the quality of the project.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Case Study on Communicatioon in a Project Importance Assignment

Additional key change management to enhance the success of the project is to develop the effective information system that would enhance efficient management of the human resources. In the health service, human resources are very important for the success of any project. Effective management of human resources contributes to the organization, and the major tool that enhances effective HR management is to enhance effective communication of the human resources. Information system has been identified as an effective tool that could enhance communication efficiency of the HR. The manual system that was incorporated into the formal project has led to the escalation of the project costs. By incorporating sophisticated information system, the PPARS project will develop efficient and effectively human resources management. Using effective information system to enhance communication will make the PPARS project to efficiently manage the financial affairs of the project.

The structural method to enhance effective communication is to equip human resources with effective training. In the PPARS project, the communication system adopted was largely one-way communication and there was lack of job satisfaction among employees, which largely led to high rate of turnover. It is revealed that high rate of turnover largely militates against effective communication. Thus, implementation of effective training for the human resources is suggested to enhance effective communication among the human resources.

Impact of the Recommendations on HSE

The recognition on the importance of effective communication makes some HSE to start adopting the system. It has been recognized that implementation of effective communication in a project could decrease the employee turnover, increase employee work performances and employee satisfaction. Implementation of new recommendation has generally improved the employee job satisfaction in some agencies. For example,

"the four agencies which have implemented the payroll reported that there is general satisfaction among employees with the new payslip which provides greater detail about pay than previously." (Health Service Executive 2005 P83). Thus, in the project planning, there is a need to develop effective communication plan before the implementation of the project to achieve overall success in a project.


The PPARS project was implemented to enhance efficiency of human resources and enhance effective payroll system in the HSE. Despite the aim of the stakeholders, the project could not be completed because of the cost escalation identified in the project. The review of the cause of the problem reveals that effective communication plan was not incorporated before the project implementation. The paper recommends that the stakeholders need to incorporate an effective communication plan into the project to achieve the overall success of the project.


Health Service Executive (2005). Development of Human Resource Management System

for the Health Service (PPARS). Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General. Government of Ireland.

Pinto, J.K. & Slevin, D.P. (2007). Critical… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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