Conflict, Decision-Making, Organizational Design Essay

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Within Publix Company, decision-making process should assume a clear understanding of the facts beneath every gathered information and data that are to be used while making the decisions at hand.


This is a stage or period where the organizational managers or an individual takes time to think about any possibility associated with the decision and information at hand. Brainstorming involves elicitation of any possible solutions and options, which are going to be considered while making the decision. In many cases, it is important to note the options and fully integrate them into action through the thoughts before embarking on making the thoughts come into actions.

Comparing the pros and cons

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This is another stage involved with decision making in Publix Company. Pros are the best sides of the decision to be made. Cons are contrary to this. It is important for an individual to consider the pros and cons before arriving at the final decision. Consultations are important at this stage. Over the pros, the decision is likely to influence on the company and employees in many ways. The positives, gains, and profits, which are going to be acquired by the decision-making process, will have to be considered. On the other hand, the cons of the decision should also be considered. The cons are the negatives that the decision is going to impart on the organization after it has been fully made as a decision. Every decision has pros and cons. Therefore, it is important to consider the importance and heaviness of the pros over the cons and then proceed with the decision-making process (Griffin & Moorehead, 2012).

Selection of the best option

Amidst study and exemplification of the options, the best ones should be considered for further study and analysis. Options, which are elicited through the process, should be categorized between the best and the bad. Evidently, Publix Company managers must take up the best options that will ensure equitable decisions are made within the company.

Explanation of the decision

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The decision should be known well by all the people who are going to be involved with the implementation process. Moreover, within Publix Company, all the people who are going to feel its impact should have integrated the decision. Therefore, before making any decision, the management of the company should ensure that it has communicated all of its processes and information as regards the decision that is to be made.

Environmental strategy factors that affect the organizational design of Publix Company

There are several environmental strategy factors, which affect the organizational design of Publix Company. The environmental factors exist as two. The environment refers to the external setting in which a business functions. This environment has intense impact upon the several elements that make up the organization. The two major sub-divisions of the environmental factors are the general and the specific environment. These two are particularly influential to the generation and design of Publix Company.

The general environment

The set of economic performances within the company is influential to its design. The economic models, transformations, fluctuations or changes, and the general performance are typical of the design that the company has embraced in the environment. The economy shapes the company, and that the company participates in shaping its economy within a given environment. The legal structures, which have been established within Publix Company, are considerate to the nature of design that the company has assumed in the market. These legal connotations are responsible for the general behavior and influence of the company to the immediate and later environment. Political alienations, influences within, and outside the company are detrimental or influential to the performance of Publix company design.

Politics define the legal precepts that the company has exemplified in its design. For instance, it is within the perception of the political arena that every design taken by a company should be rational of its influence to the people who are found within the given environment. Thus, the political environment is influential to Publix Company's design. Moreover, the educational and cultural surroundings within are influential to the general design and functionality of the company. The structures, which have been laid out by the educational sectors, influence the nature of productivity and functionality within the company. For instance, intensified education will automatically influence or increase on the quality and quantity of the design productivity. Culture, which defines the normalized and universal way of living, defines the company's immediate needs, preferences, stabilities in the market, and the general workability. Thus, the general environment strategies affect on the design of Publix Company (Shapira, 2002).

Specific environment

The market within which the company operates forms the specific environment. Publix Company exists within a set of integrated market where its products are embraced in the market just like those from other companies. The marketing strategies, options, and schemes, which have been involved in the market are categorical of the company's design performances. In many cases, the design of the product in the market is influenced by the specifications, preferences, and customer tastes. Therefore, the company's market directly affects on the company's design. Moreover, the other specific environmental factors are the industry standards that the company has set. The standardized regulations and procedures, which are supposed to be assumed within the company, are categorical of their influence. They depict on how the company has been designed, structured, and how it is functioning.


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