Consumer Behavior Case Study

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If the company needs to introduce a new brand to capture different customers, it should do that.

3. Nextel's corporate image is probably a turnoff for young adult customers, so the company probably will need another brand -- if Boost isn't getting the job done -- to appeal to this target market. The key thing for Nextel to remember, however, is that consumers have more loyalty to their phones than to the providers. The provider just needs to facilitate what the consumer wants to do with their device. Partnering with devices and phones that appeal to this target market is more important in terms of building strong brand associations than the Nextel brand itself.

4. I think this is definitely the case that more young consumers are cutting the cord. In addition to the desire to be constantly connected, home phone service is becoming increasingly expensive and increasingly useless for younger consumers. They don't need it and they don't want it.

5. I have not seen a Nextel ad. They are a subsidiary of Sprint now and are not heard from very much. That said, the ads from the companies listed there are obviously not very effective because they are not reaching me. I spend a lot of time on the Internet and do not watch much television at all. Therefore, these companies are doing a poor job of reaching their audience if they are focused on television ads. The first rule of marketing should be that you have to actually reach your audience to be effective, and in this case clearly these companies are not effective.

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6. I would say that none of the family will want a cell phone. They will want a smartphone. Nextel could appeal to this customer group, if Nextel even exists still, by offering bundles that deliver flat rate unlimited data to all four subscribers. The teenagers are probably going to be heavier users, but the company could set rates at a level where the average parent is a profitable customer in order to offset the potential for heavy teenager usage. Assuming Nextel had a high quality network, the company's main attraction would be pricing and convenience, and such a bundle delivers on both of these things.

Case Study on Consumer Behavior Three Types of Assignment

7. The survey should be based around the data that Nextel already collects. That data is powerful enough to formulate hypotheses that the customer satisfaction survey can test. The survey would then be guided around testing hypotheses relating to customer service, most desired attributes and factors affecting purchase.

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