Conventional Wars the Rules Essay

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The division commander was concerned on winning the war, and the Rules of Engagement are followed for the purpose of actual strategy to be used to defeat the Vietnamese guerilla. However, the siege and the war itself failed to sustain and maintain the effort that supposedly control the enemy, and politics was evidently holding the system and the strategic war that division commander clearly outline to be won. Division officers were disappointed and helplessness had turned the officers into accepting their defeat and failure in meeting the goals of their command. While it is true that the Rules of Engagement worked effectively at the start and in the course of the war-according to norms and rules- the reason and purpose of the war was not completely understood, accepted and internalized by the frontline and key players in the lower and middle chain of command, across many levels.

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General William Westmoreland. The General had sufficient and clear perception on the Rules of Engagement used in Vietnam War, and was fully aware of the fact that the goal of the battle was to win; winning the war entails a lot of resources that he could use: strategic plans, analysis of battleground, information and technology and other resources at his disposal. Equipped with knowledge and resources, the General would have had stirred the war to victory, but he didn't, instead, Westmoreland's search and destroy tactics were ineffective, causing destructions to the grand scale, cost a lot of waste of resources: money, people, time, technology, escalating the war but never guaranteed a military victory. His political ambition and failure to adjust his strategy in "Americanizing" the Vietnam War cost thousands of lives and defeated not only the U.S. But everyone else involved in the war. (Sorely, 2011)

TOPIC: Essay on Conventional Wars the Rules of Assignment

Secretary of Defense Robert Mac Namara. The knowledge of the War in Vietnam was fully understood by the Secretary of Defense. He knew well that U.S. priced the Vietnam War in terms of the strategic U.S.-Soviet opposition in the Asia-Pacific region. However, Robert McNamara usurped powers originally bestowed to field commanders and established a highly centralized control mechanism and structure. The arrogance of the all-knowing McNamara impressed to the commanders already frustrated on the purpose of war. The Rules of Engagement therefore, was made up of the rules and ideals that the Secretary of Defense played on. He changed a lot of strategy and never listened to commander's recommendations. Political agenda was high to both McNamara and the president. They feared that fighting in Vietnam could insinuate the Soviet Union and China to think that the United States has initially campaigned against the community block.

President Lyndon Johnson. As a part of strategic opposition, the President knew and perceived the role and importance of Vietnam War in the Cold War. The goals of the war was clear to him, but had failed to relay the same understanding and motives to his chain-of-command, failing miserably to convey the very essence and purpose that must have been the source of motivation to his subordinates, and to the lower levels in the command.


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