Corporate Governance and Ethical Responsibility Essay

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DoRight should have taken measures to oversee that the illegal practices and negligence on the part of the medical practitioners did not continue.

Utilitarianism Principle and its Application to the Ethical Dilemma of Dr. Do Right

Utilitarianism is constituted on the power to anticipate the outcomes of an action. Ridley A., 1998.

To a Utilitarian the option that bears the greatest welfare to the most people is the ethically correct choice. The benefit emanating from this theory is that a proponent can evaluate similar solutions predicated and use that which, in his/her evaluation, yields the most benefits to the most people.

Utilitarianism is based on rationality and logic to arrive at a solution that yields most benefits to the most people Ridley A., 1998.

In this line, Dr. DoRight should have considered sought to establish that ethical thing to do evaluating the possible benefits to the most people. In this regard instead of waiting for the committee to deliberate on the investigations, he should have invoked himself to establish what the right measures to take are. Guided by Utilitarianism, he would have been able to access the likely benefits that will follow and take the steps that yield the most benefit to the most.


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Essay on Corporate Governance and Ethical Responsibility Assignment

Ridley A. (1998). Beginning Bioethics. New York: St.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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