Country Experienced European-American Imperialism Essay

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These people formed the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) and managed to gain independence through the Commonwealth of Bahamas on July 10, 1973 (Stuart Olson & Shadle 1991, 40).

4. Colonization had both positive and negative on the Bahamas. When considering that the native population on the island virtually came to be extinct consequent to its contact with European nations, one can consider that colonization was detrimental for the Bahamas. However, the fact that Europeans invested large amounts of money and efforts in making the islands a hospitable place improved living conditions in the Bahamas and generally set the basis for a thriving country. The islands came to be one of the most developed countries in the Western World as they became more populous, "provided opportunities for greater comfort and affluence, grew more settled (if not in all cases much more orderly), and became internally more complex"(Greene 1988, 168).

In spite of the fact that people in the Bahamas expressed interest in having their country become independent, the community in the islands is largely similar to the one in the British Empire. Most people in the Bahamas, regardless of their social status or background, appear to be supportive in regard to having their country's system replicate the one in England (Greene 1988, 168).Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on Country Experienced European-American Imperialism. I Assignment

5. The Bahamas are presently considered to be a luxurious and exotic destination for tourists or an offshore finance center for businessmen from around the world. Postcolonial Bahamas is a location where wealth feels right at home, especially considering that the majority of people on the islands thrive as a result of exploiting their country's resources to the fullest. The fact that the colonial period attracted African-Americans in large numbers in the area made it possible for the hip-hop culture to be presently one of the most important elements in the Bahamas. "Not only does hip-hop provide the literal soundtrack for many of the entrances -- with hip-hop music being boomed from car sound systems -- but its visual cultural expressions are especially pronounced, as prom-goers emulate the displays of materialism and conspicuous consumption found in some late twentieth-century expressions of the genre" (Thompson 2011).

The Bahamian society consists out of a series of diverse cultural elements, as its background is likely to have had a significant influence over the way that people in the islands interact and behave. In spite of the fact that it gained independence and a lot of cultural values in the recent decades, the Bahamian community is still struggling to find its cultural identity. Slavery prevented the African-American majority from developing confidence in regard to its personality. Thus, in addition to the fact that people in the Bahamas experienced benefits as a consequence of being a British colony, they also suffer greatly because they are unable to identify with a particular culture. Moreover, the fact that tourists flow into the islands in large numbers every year makes it even more difficult for Bahamians to consider that their country truly belongs to them.

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Stuart Olson, James and Shadle, Robert, Historical dictionary… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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