Cp-2 Project Performance Report Schedule Essay

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Estimate at Completion

The estimate at completion (EAC) of the project on 10/01/08 was $4,999,031. This is based on the schedule that was predicting project completion of January 2nd of 2009. Thus this figure did not account for any of the crash costs that would be necessary to accelerate the schedule to meet the desired grand opening date.

Control Plan

There were many resources available that could help to crash the project at this point. The easiest way to determine how to crash the schedule was to first examine the critical path. The resources that were associated with the critical path could be compared to see if there were more max units available as well as the price of those units. Many of the resources only had 100% of their units available so there wasn't too much of a selection for crashing the project. The first resource that was planned for crashing was the ride supplier. This resource had % 600 max unit availability and only cost an addition $100 dollars per additional unit. However, this resource was not enough to fully crash the project so other resources had to be called on as well. An additional Steamfitter was brought in and additional electrician to make up the crash schedule.

Revised Estimate at Completion

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Give the slow progress in the activities before October; the project manager decided that he should crash the project at least one extra day to give the project a day of buffer just in case it was needed. Since the December 19th date was a highly desirable finishing time the crash schedule focus on December the 18th. The project ended up with a variance of close to two hundred thousand dollars at the end of the project due to the additional labor that was required to crash the project as well as the activities that were over budget. However, given the fact that meeting the schedule was so important then this was deemed worthwhile.

Schedule Two

Essay on Cp-2 Project Performance Report Schedule Assignment

Task Mode


Task Name





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