Crime for Many Years, Sociologists Essay

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There are many theories that provide detailed evidence on crime in our society, yet the truths vary and a lot of indications are left unexamined or are unable to be explained. There are numerous presumptions rather than proven research on crime, and investigators will try an answer the doubts and gaps and figure out why misdeeds occur and how to appropriately handle the offenses people carry out. While Marx supported the conflict theory and how inequality in specific groups is required to have a normal functioning society, opposing professionals like Henry and Lanier disagreed that a society should be deemed as whole. Other criminologists and specialists like Currie felt other subsets of a society should be considered like the economy rather than individual groups or an entire culture. Today, people are constantly trying to determine why people act out violently and commit crimes to present facts not assumptions yet it is hard to do so when there are so many factors to consider.

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TOPIC: Essay on Crime for Many Years, Sociologists, Assignment


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