Criminal Justice System Normally Essay

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The neighborhood police departments are through far from common law enforcement agencies. The underlying state sheriff's departments are normally specialized police department.

Police system within the criminal justice system is normally charged with maintenance of order accompanied by the preventive approach that pertains to policing (Cole & Smith, 2009). They also ensure enforcement of the prevailing departmental vice laws accompanied by the emphasizing on the rest of the offenders. They also ensure society policing that stresses addressing communal problems accompanied by the existing vicinity concerns. Conversely, court is mainly charged with the prosecution and defending of the prevailing populace interest (David, 2008). Moreover, it also acts as custodians of the existing constitution and ought to be mindful of the right of the prevailing accused beneath the Bill of Rights accompanied by the Supreme Court elucidation of the underlying constitutions (Cole & Smith, 2009). Nevertheless, a correction system of the criminal system is pertains within the detention of the underlying facilities accompanied by the correctional of the corresponding facilities. Detention facilities are normally utilized for provisional holding of the facilities while awaiting transfer or trial. The probation process within the correction system of criminal is normally concern with society regulation of a lawbreaker within the lieu of penitentiary (David, 2008).

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The organizational chart on the management hierarchy of the police organization aims in the improving of services to the citizens who are their bosses. It provides for the flow of the commands or the authority from the top to the bottom of the organization. The flow of the authority facilitates the holding of accountability for the errors that may emerge in the process of running the management practices (Dantzker, 2009). The chief of the police is the top most people at the helm of the police body organization. Depending on the various constitutional arrangements, he may have direct appointments from the presidents but under dictated conditions by the constitution. The constitution determines the standards of the qualifications for the person holding the position. He facilitates the coordination of the police bodies and the other bodies to foresee the achievement of the targets it sets.

Under the police chief, there is the deputy chief or the associate director of the police. He handles the works of the police body in the absence of the chief. The roles available to the deputy chief vary from the business management to the administrative works. Under the deputy chief, there are the training lieutenants and the professional sergeant. The training personnel look into the advancement of training and technology of the police body. The enhanced use of technology in the management of the crime bodies is efficient and vital for the entire police body. The professional standards sergeant checks on the maintenance of the standards of the return to the citizens of the republic. The challenges posed to the police bodies are immense and varying. On their course of work, they face numerous challenges and have to offer appropriate approaches to reduce the conflict between the police and the entire public (Dantzker, 2009).

The holder of the position foresees the protection of human dignity and the upholding of the personal rights of the public. The image of the police body to the public is extremely vital, and he attempts to maintain it. Below the training lieutenant and the professional standards sergeant, there is the captain assistant director. He organizes the corporation of the patrol and the investigation departments in the training lieutenant docket. The pedestrian safety and the patrol teams all fall under the captain director one. He ensures the frictionless running of the communications departments. The other captain assistant's director foresees the efficiency in the supply, key control, security, and the crime prevention process. The maintenance of the police records emerges from the second captain assistant director. The roles of the police nevertheless entails other accounts of attending the scenes of the incidents, availing crime avoidance advises, necessitating road safety roles, providing the evidence in court and assisting in the safeguard of the general safety (Dantzker, 2009).


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Chief of the police director

Business manager



DEPUTY CHIEF associate director

Training lieutenant

Professional Standards sergeant

CAPTAIN Assistant director


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