Criminal Justice Trends Essay

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It is also because of the technological advancement in the last decade that public is increasingly getting awareness about the important societal issues. The easy access to Internet has made it really easy for the citizens to be informed regarding the different kinds of criminal justice services provided to them. The facts and figures related to crime and arrest on the national and communal level has made it an easy thing for the people to get information regarding court trials, illegitimate offenders and governmental efforts for the safety of public. However, it is essential to mention here that without the participation of citizens, governmental efforts for public safety cannot be successful. For instance, law enforcement agencies cannot prevent crime if people do not help in catching the criminals by cooperating with the officers. It is also really necessary for the citizens to have knowledge of various protection measures for safeguarding themselves, their families, homes and property. This is the reason why community policing programs are being introduced to let people be aware of the criminal doings and thus, involve themselves in solving approaches.

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To cut a long story short, there is both a direct and indirect influence of the criminal justice system on the everyday lives of citizens. Its significance lies in the fact that law enforcement agencies make certain that people obey the laws. In the same manner, judges make sure that the law violators are punished in a fair manner. Similarly, it is the responsibility of the attorneys to let people have their voices heard in courts. Thus, without the presence of an unbiased criminal justice system, people will have to live in a dangerous environment. Its absence may result in innocent people being imprisoned without any reason. It may also result in crowd mindset turning out humdrum. In short, a society can only be productive and successful if it functions within the framework of criminal justice system.


Essay on Criminal Justice Trends the Trends Assignment

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