Cultural Differences in Ethical Decision-Making Essay

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Moral Decision Making

The work of Gupta (2010) reports a study that sought to use the Multidimensional Ethics Scale for measure of the moral decision making of managers in the country of India and states that the "empirical research on ethical decision is based on the identification and measurement of variables based on ethical theories. The theoretical constructs need to be carefully defined and the methods by which these are measured are to be validated." (p.4) It is reported that the majority of earlier studies on business ethics "were based on presenting subjects with vignettes and asking them to state on a bipolar scale the extent to which they are ethical." (Gupta, 2010, p.5) With the progression of business research, the development of a scale that would measure the construct of ethical and unethical actions in a "more rigorous manner based on ethical theorist such as deontological ethics and teleological ethics" was sought resulting in the development of the Multidimensional Ethics Scale.

XI. Link Between Ethical Judgment and Ethical Behavior Using the MES

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The work of Nhung, Nguyen, and Biderman (2008) report the investigation of the "linkage between ethical judgment and ethical behavior using the Multidimensional Ethics Scale (MES) for measurement of ethical judgment ratings of hypothetical behaviors in retail, sales, and automobile repair scenarios. The report states that confirmatory facto analysis was conducted on a sample of 300 undergraduate business students. Used was a model with "three latent variables representing three correlated ethical dimensions of moral equity, relativism, and contractualism, three correlated scenario latent variables, and correlated residuals presented a good fit to the data." (Nhung, Nguyen, and Biderman, 2008)

Essay on Cultural Differences in Ethical Decision-Making Assignment

In addition it is reported that "structural models of the relationship of ethical judgment to behavioral intentions revealed that behavioral intentions were more highly related to the scenario factors than to the ethical dimensions across three scenarios. Adding a method factor to the model improved goodness-of-fit and changed some structural model conclusions." (Nhung, Nguyen, and Biderman, 2008)

XII. MES, PMIS, and EMIEJ -- Analysis of Factor Structure

The work of McMahon (2002) entitled "An Analysis of the Factor Structure of the Multidimensional Ethics Scale and a Perceived Moral Intensity Scale, and the Effects of Moral Intensity on Ethical Judgment" reports two studies that analyzed the "factor structure of the 8-item Multidimensional Ethics Scale (MES) and a 30-item MES . Factor analyses is reported to have "supported a 3-factor structure for the 8-item MES" to have only marginally supported a 3-factor structure for the Perceived Moral Intensity Scale. (McMahon, 2002, p.1) These scales are reported to have been used in a third study examining "the effect of manipulated and perceived moral intensity on participants' ethical judgment of actions taken in 18 scenarios of an arguably ethical nature." (McMahon, 2002, p.1) The study found that "manipulated moral intensity had a significant effect on ethical judgment, but perceived moral intensity did not." (McMahon, 2002, p.1)

Summary and Conclusion

The literature reviewed in this study indicates that the Multidimensional Ethics Scale can be accurately utilized to ascertain the ethical influences that are culturally derived by the individual in terms of their views of ethics in decision-making and other areas involving potential ethical dilemmas.


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