Declaration of Independence Essay

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On the fourth of July the declaration of independence was passed by the Congress .This document however was not signed by most of the delegates for that month. King George the third was sent the Declaration (Armitage, 2008).

My decision and Explanation:

The declaration of independence was paramount on the basis of an eclectic group of reasons and hence I would sign the declaration due an amalgam of factors;

It was a milestone for gaining compassion for the cause of independence pertinent to the colonists. This would be the short run driving force for me. In the long haul the declaration provided many important principles that have been a source of guidance for the country. These guidelines in some way formed the foundation for democracy.

The main role of the government is to nurture the rights of the civilians and if the government cannot do that then action needs to be taken.

The declaration also brought forward the most important principle I endorse; the strength of any government is brought from its citizens. This is the very principle that is paramount for democracy.

It is also important to realize that the army does not control the government. The government on the other hand has authority over the army and if that is not the case then something is wrong.

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Also people need to be represented. They should not be asked for taxes until their interests are met. The only way to deal with their interests is to be aware of them. This can only happen if there is ample representation of the people in the government meetings and parliament.


Hence due to all the above reasons I would not give a second thought to signing the declaration of freedom in the colonial era.


The National Archives in Washington, DC Jefferson's currently houses the Declaration of Independence.


Armitage, D. (2008). The Declaration of Independence: A Global History. Harvard University Press.

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US History.Org. (1995). The Declaration of Independence. Retrieved October 8, 2012, from [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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