Diet Analysis Project Day Food Essay

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In addition, I need increases of less than a cup for my fruits intake which will be met by consuming more apples, oranges and pears daily. Though I avoid the typical American diet, I need to reduce intake of discretionary calories such as peanut butter, cream cheese and ice cream.

From the above journal, my total intake of carbohydrates is below the DRI recommendations. As shown above, my consumption is 1100 kcal while the DRI recommendation ranges from 1460 and 2108 kcal. Besides, fiber intake is at 15 grams which is almost half the recommended 38 grams. I plan to increase fiber and carbohydrates by having a higher intake of fiber-rich foods like apples and bananas. Moreover, I should replace my consumption of refined grains with whole grains.

Fat intake is slightly higher in my diet at a 35% above the DRI of 27%. My diet is devoid of trans-fats and I tend to eat a lower proportion of dairy products and egg yolks. I have a liking for foods with saturated fats such as hot dogs and hamburgers which I eat at convenience stores. I plan to start consuming increasing by 1% milk and cottage cheese. However, I fail to follow my diet but I try to linoleic acids into my diet from sources such as tuna, beans and olive oil.

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Protein account for 20% of my DRI and is an indicator that I am meeting my protein goal. However, I am planning to replace meat with poultry and reducing the consumption of egg yolks. Unsalted peanuts are good snack that help to keep by blood sugar level constant and I am proposing starting eating them and besides, the free of cholesterol and saturated fats.

My total kcal level of 3100 is between my EER of 2950 kcal and the DRI 3244 kcal. However, there are still some junk foods that I could get rid of in favor of nutrient dense and even functional foods. I need to focus most on vegetables such as spinach, tomatoes, peppers, carrots and broccoli since I seldom eat them; they are beneficial to my health.

TOPIC: Essay on Diet Analysis Project Day Food Assignment

From my diet I get adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals. My sodium intake is about 2344mg. The only vitamins which I obtained less than 100% of my DRI were Vitamin A and E. Therefore, I will get Vitamin A from carrots, mangoes and spinach and will obtain vitamin E from sunflower seeds, almonds and olives. The only minerals that were less than 100% of my DRI were magnesium and potassium; magnesium will be obtained from spinach, broccoli and almonds and while obtain potassium from bananas, avocados and cantaloupe.

Physical exercise at any age has been confirmed to be beneficial and the higher the amount the higher the benefits. First, exercise helps in preventing… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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