Diet Pills Step 4 Project Essay

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However, to view weight management from a nutritional perspective takes a significant amount of training and support. Furthermore, it also requires a significant amount of lifestyle changes that are difficult to overcome on your own.

Yet the nutritional education and the sacrifices that this perspective demands is incredibly important to not only individuals but the society in general. People with high weight and shape concerns are likely to develop anxiety traits, which could prompt the use of diet aids to stay in shape. However the use of diet aids can compromise health and provide short-term solutions at best. Therefore, nutrition and exercise is the only sustainable solution that exists. What is needed is a way to reach these individuals in a way that can empower them to take control of their own health and nutritional goals.

I have been interested in health and nutrition for as long as I can remember and am excited to embark on this career choice. I would like to help as many people as possible to overcome their personal challenges through education and support. Individual can care about their image and make positive changes to their lifestyles that can support their health goals and improve their quality of life. I am very passionate about this endeavor and I respectfully request that you consider me for employment with your business.

Unit 6 Discussion

What aspects of your draft do you think could use development?

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I think that the information provided could be better organized to make a more concise point. I think the information provided from the two articles is good; it's just that the argument could be worded more clearly.

What aspects of your draft do you think are strong?

I think the basic points and the information provided is good. The paper shows my interest in nutrition and makes valid observations about different trends that are relevant to nutrition.

Which areas of your paper are you still working on?

TOPIC: Essay on Diet Pills Step 4 Project Assignment

I would like to find some more research on the effectiveness of nutrition compared to diet pills and list this information as well. For example, if I could find a nutritional project that reported good results in terms of positive change, then I could list this as an alternative to the diet craze.

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