Dieting Makes People Fat Essay

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In a follow-up question to this answer, one respondent explained her views on the subject, views that are likely to be commonly held:

I know, I mean, I've read all those articles. Whenever you're in line at the grocery store, you pick up the "women's" magazines and there is always an article on how bad yoyo dieting is for you. I swear that there's actually just one article and the magazines pass it back and forth and just changed the pictures.

And I know that the more you lose the more you are probably going to gain back and that it's just going to get harder and harder. But the thing is, when you're losing weight, when you're losing weight and before you gain it back, then you feel just for a while that you're going to be a success for the first time in your life.

Such sad stories are what feed the maw of the diet industry.


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I learned three sets of different things in the process of conducting this experiment. I was surprised at what I learned, although looking back on the process I'm not sure why I should have been surprised.

The first was that I found out that it is a lot harder to do a good survey than I had thought that it would be. You hear about surveys all the time -- especially now that there is an election coming up. But even when there isn't a serious subject like the presidential elections coming up, it seems as if there is always one survey or another that one is reading about.

TOPIC: Essay on Dieting Makes People Fat the Assignment

Because they are so common, I assumed that surveys were easy to write. But I certainly found out otherwise. The hardest parts for me were writing questions and not making it clear to the subject what answer I wanted them to give. I found that after I had done my own research that I had a very clear idea of what I considered the "right" answer to be and I tried to telegraph this in the way that I wrote my questions so that each of my subjects would also get the right answers.

Somehow I felt that if they all got the "right" answers then it would prove that I had done a good job in writing the survey. Of course, I knew that this was not the case, that in fact it would mean that I had done a bad job. And yet I couldn't help thinking about this as I was writing the questions. I also found that it was very hard not to write questions that were not clear. Even when I was trying to be absolutely disinterested in how I wrote the questions, I found that when I read back over my questions that often it wasn't perfectly clear what I was trying to ask. I couldn't tell if that lack of clarity was because I already knew the answer and I was trying too hard to look at the question from a neutral point-of-view or because the questions were actually confusing.

Second, I don't believe that I made it clear enough for my subjects that their answers would be kept confidential. I know that I myself have lied on surveys, sometimes just because I thought that it was a silly survey and I figured that if the survey taker hadn't bothered to come up with good questions then I didn't have to come up with good answers.

But sometimes I have also lied because I didn't want anyone to know the truth about a subject. I think that people are much more likely to lie about certain subjects, about the ones that they are most likely to be ashamed of. And I can't think of many subjects that people are more likely to be ashamed of than their weight and dieting.

Finally, I realized how frustrating surveys can be. While they are quicker than doing interviews, they also limit the possible answers so much that it is very hard to get valuable information. Thus I found myself asking many follow-up questions, and wishing that I was doing all open-ended interview questions so that I could learn a lot more about… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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