Diversity Inclusion Essay

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To accomplish this, several steps will be required, to be aligned with the ACPA and NASPA Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Practitioners (2010).

The first major competency to be addressed includes "Advising and Helping." According to the Competency document, this would include addressing and establishing the knowledge, skills and attitudes that advisers would require to best provide support and guidance to individuals and groups on a campus. What this means for us is that we need to establish a group that can specifically provide inclusive cultural and academic support, not only to individuals from different cultural groups, but also to groups as a whole.

The first step towards creating such a group would be to establish a survey team. This team will conduct interviews with representatives from all groups on campus to determine their exact needs. Suggestions can then be solicited specifically from those who feel that they are not being inclusively supported in terms of culture.

As for the academic component, surveys will be conducted in terms of academic achievement among the various representative groups. Interviews in this regard will be conducted with both lecturers and students to determine the various possible ways to offer academic support as well. The main aim must remain to provide support in such a way that no student feels either excluded or discriminated against on any level.

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With the information that is gained in this way, academic and cultural programs can then be established to help those who need support to find it in various ways. A Hispanic student who finds herself suffering academically, for example, can be enrolled in an academic support program that addresses her specific needs. She can also choose to enter cultural programs that provide her the opportunity to find support from her peers in terms of both culture and academics.

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The Assessment, Evaluation, and Research competency area of ACPA and NASPA can then be used to conduct ongoing research on the relative success of the academic and cultural programs that have been established. Once again, this can be done by both interviews with students, lecturers, and groups. Part of such research can be soliciting suggestions from students on an ongoing level. A Website can be established, for example, via which students can offer anonymous suggestions, comments, or complaints about the way in which the programs are being conducted.

It is projected that these efforts will enhance the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion competency area. According to the ACPA and NASPA document, this component means that learning environments will be enriched with "diverse views and people." This means that classrooms and intellectual material also needs to be inclusive. This is particularly important in terms of the liberal arts, where subject matter should be representative of all the cultures represented on campus. Extensive academic programs will have to be created in the long-term to cater for this aspect. This can only be done with the help and support of lecturers and consultants, all of whom will be required to be sufficiently open-minded to the various changes that will be required.

The challenges facing us a relatively small tertiary campus are significant. With the help of lecturers, students, consultants and counselors as a team, however, I believe that anything is possible. We have an excellent student body and a very high level of intellect represented by our staff. Hence, I have no doubt that we can all work together to reach the aims of any tertiary institution today, which is to create an inclusive environment that represents the demographic of the country and the rights of all human beings we have within our borders.


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