Dreaming in Cuban Reaction Paper

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Lourdes supports her family, including Rufino, with the success of the Yankee Doodle Bakery. Lourdes and her family represent the victims of the Cuban Revolution- the wealthy individuals that were private land owners. Left with nothing after the seizing of their property, Lourdes and her family were forced to flee Cuba. Lourdes's successful ownership of the bakery represents everything that was not possible in Cuba during the revolution- financial freedom, independence, capitalism, and freedom from the government.

The bakery is something that Celia, Lourdes's mother does not agree with because it does represent the financial excess and unfair practices that she does not support. The extent of which the Cuban revolution infiltrated individual families and the impact that it had on relationships is most definitely evident between Celia and Lourdes.

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Furthermore, Pilar, the daughter of Lourdes and Rufino, represents the product of a family that was entrenched in the Cuban Revolution. When Pilar eventually returns to Cuba with her mother to make amends with Celia on behalf of an ailing Jorge, Pilar and Celia talk and communicate openly. Though Celia is a Cuban Revolution supporter and Pilar is very much a product of the United States culture and freedom as a punk artist, they share a certain connection. Pilar paints Celia "just the way she wants, as a dancing flamenco artist" while Celia tells stories of her life in Cuba (Garcia, 233). Despite their communication and relationship, Pilar is rather apathetic about the entire situation in Cuba- as she did truly experience the Revolution in the same manner that her mother and grandmother did. To that end, Pilar seems to represent the memory or legacy of the Cuban revolution and the effects of it on the family. It seems that the memory of it is slowly fading away as generations go on as it is not as important to established lives in the states. The root of Pilar's existence is in New York as an artist and does find it important to explore her grandmother stories any more than her storytelling them.

TOPIC: Reaction Paper on Dreaming in Cuban and the Assignment

Christina Garcia's novel, "Dreaming in Cuba" effectively uses the Cuban revolution as backdrop to the story and explores the nuances of the revolution on a very real level- through one family, across generational lines. The revolution in Cuba is taught about in history books and is reported in the news but the actually implications of the revolution individuals is far more powerful. The characters in the book, namely Celia, Loures and Pilar, represent and relate to the Cuban revolution in very different ways but in very important ways nonetheless. The complexities of their lives and the relationships that they form with others are ultimately shaped by the events that transpire outside their own realm of control. The examination of the effect and impact of the Cuban revolution on a very personal level is something that Garcia effectively portrayed through her novel.

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