Drug Abuse Drug and Substance Term Paper

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Thus whatever is learned during drug abuse is stored in the limbic section of the brain. This again reiterates the point that the biological impact on the brain is the most important cause for drug abuse.

Toneatto, Tony writes that addiction affects or alters the cognitive states of a human being. These 'cognitive states' comprise of events like feelings, thoughts, memories and perceptions. This information is also used in the prevention and cure as doctors expose a patient to changed states so as to alter their perception of certain events and their behaviors. He goes on to describe how the event helps invoke different reactions such as arousal and fear (Toneatto, T 1995). As psychoactive drugs bring out these diverse reactions in people and may cause excessive use of drugs the reactions can be used as means to cure addiction, as the more they use the lesser the pleasure they derive from it. Thus this text is a living proof of the fact that biology's is the most important part of the study of drug abuse.

MJ. Landry divides the drugs into groups like 'stimulants' and 'depressant' and explains that both have a different effect on the brain of the user. The stimulants are responsible for promoting normal brain activity. How does this happen? They charge the existing neurotransmitters, thus bringing about mood swings and testiness. The negative aspect of this extreme change in the neurotransmitters can also result in extremely intense urges and may be even loss of control over the mental faculty.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Drug Abuse Drug and Substance Assignment

For the depressant drugs the author explains that their use is triggered by socio-economic factors and they are used to relieve pain and they have a hypnotic effect on the brain. Once a human develops a dependence on them the brain and the body keeps demanding a regular supply for the body to stay at a normal state. The stimulants speed up cognition and depressants slow down the neurotransmitters, the cognitive and behavioral processes. The strength of their effects depends on the dosage used or the one prescribed. (Landry, M. J 1994) . The author refers to the way dietary changes bring about chemical changes in the brain and uses that as the basis to prove that similarly intake of certain drugs would arouse or repress certain actions and feelings.


Drug abuse is a social evil as it begins due to certain human weaknesses and socioeconomic problems. But drug use takes on the form of abuse because its use modifies the neurotransmitters in the brain. Consequently, these changes alert the individual to feelings of immense pleasure or relief because o their use and when these pleasures are missed the brain forces the individual to provide it with that pleasure. The social, economic factors also support the incidence of drug abuse but the main role is that of the biological effect of the drugs.


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