Emergency Management Cycle Involves Four Essay

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In this phase, it is necessary to consider activities for mitigating the future impacts of disaster (Nicoletti, Spencer-Thomas & Bollinger, 2010).

Emergency management seeks to offer protection against hazards for property and people. Effective emergency management measures entail functional approaches to any emergency, shared responsibilities within an organization and proper consumption of resources. Preparing for disasters and emergency is increasingly becoming a necessity in our everyday operations of institutions and businesses. Moreover, educational institutions such as campuses cannot be immune to the effects of emergencies and disasters (Nicoletti, Spencer-Thomas & Bollinger, 2010). Campuses have realized that they are prone to disasters. Therefore, they realize that they require careful communication and coordination to respond to disaster and emergency. This includes necessary skills and resources in responding to emergencies. Obviously, campuses can be affected by disasters such as power outbreak. Therefore, campuses must begin to assess their situations (vulnerabilities) and attempt to address disaster management challenges and emergency preparedness. Lack of compulsory legislations, regulations, and standards campuses that implement comprehensive disaster management and emergency preparedness initiatives must consider making proper use of current campus resources. This can be achieved through engaging current administrative staff, researchers and faculty with disaster recovery and emergency preparedness expertise (Nicoletti, Spencer-Thomas & Bollinger, 2010).

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In this regard, businesses, individuals, campuses and other entities must address their future challenges of their environments based on the basics of acceptable disaster management standards, emergency preparedness standards, legislations, and regulations. With entities operating like incorporated structures, constituents and infrastructures, current disaster related or emergency standards, legislations and regulations are applicable. Moreover, entities must conduct investigations into the current legislations, regulations and standards to validate their conformity (Nicoletti, Spencer-Thomas & Bollinger, 2010).


Essay on Emergency Management Cycle Involves Four Assignment

Nicoletti J, Spencer-Thomas, S. & Bollinger, C. (2010). Violence…
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