Emergency Management Plan City's Fire Essay

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Question 3: Which of the above stated requirements should involve participation and approval well beyond the authority usually granted to a Department head such as the Fire Chief?

In as much as there are numerous decisions and measures that are within the mandate of .the fire department, there are those that are beyond them even during and emergency and can be a challenge for them to obtain even if they wanted to execute. Issues like identifying and mobilizing resources must be done by other supporting bodies of the government like FEMA and not the fire department. Equipping the crisis management center once they have identified the location of one is also well beyond their mandate. The remaining measures like selection of the team, training, testing the contingency measures are things that they can do very well.

Question 4: Which of the above stated requirements do you consider to be critical to the effective development and implementation of a disaster/emergency planning and coordination program/unit in the city? Which of the above stated requirements do consider to be rather unimportant or insignificant, if any, to the success and effectiveness of the city's emergency management plan?

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For an effective disaster planning and coordinating plan, it is important to have good policies put down on disaster management, assess the threat correctly, identify and mobilize recourses since nothing can move without the prerequisite resources. The people who will be involved in the crisis management also need training so that they are not prone to hurting themselves in the process and also being efficient in rescuing the largest number possible in the safest manner possible, hence training of the personnel is very important.

Essay on Emergency Management Plan City's Fire Assignment

The procedures that could be not very significant are like selection of the crisis management team, this is because during emergencies, depending on the magnitude of the emergency, there can be volunteers who come on board to help and hence the selection criteria will not hold anymore. Location of the management center may also not be very paramount since most rescue centers are usually within the closest medical facility which are usually well equipped and indeed the fire department has sufficient equipment to handle disasters hence this provision may not apply always. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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