Emergency Management Essay

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In other words, as the modern day society evolves, so do the crisis situations which arise. Communities are now more prone to random shooting, but also to terrorist attacks, natural disasters as a result of global warming or even technologic attacks.

In such a setting, the ongoing improvement of the preparedness phase at the Los Angeles Unified School District allows the emergency managers to continually identify the new sources of emergency situations and to create programs and responses suitable for these actions. They as such implement the principles of continuous learning in a manner that saves lives (Holdeman, 2012).

Aside from the ongoing dedication to learning and development, the preparedness phase is also characterized by a strong and well structured set of activities. Specifically, these refer to the following:

Activities for training, planning and exercises

Activities for personnel qualification and certification standards

Activities of equipment acquisition and certification standards

Activities and processes of publication management

Activities in the sense of developing mutual aid agreements and Emergency Management Assistance Compacts Resource Management (Website of the Los Angeles Unified School District)

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All in all, the preparedness phase in the emergency management plan at the Los Angeles Unified School District is a strong and sustainable phase and the path it currently follows is a successful one, without requiring any important changes or improvements.


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2010, Emergency operations plan, Los Angeles Unified School District, http://notebook.lausd.net/pls/ptl/docs/PAGE/CA_LAUSD/LAUSDNET/OFFICES/SCHOOL_OPS/SCHOOL_OPERATIONS_DIVISION/EMERGENCY_SERVICES/EMERGENCY_SERVICES_EMERGENCY_OPERATIONS_CENTER/LAUSD%20EOP%202010%20UPDATE.PDF last accessed on August 23, 2012
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