Emergency Planning Disasters Essay

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However, technologies for disaster recovery security differ from business to business. They are totally dependent on the company's network, layout, applications and information system's complexity.

Virtualization, basic data backups or continuous data protection (CDP), identity and access management technologies, cloud-based services are some of the kinds of technologies that can be used for recovering information and knowledge. The best technology can be adopted only after pondering over what is best for the business. Therefore, the best people must be approached who can decide about what technology to adopt after looking at the company's environment and identifying the real risks ("Disaster Recovery Security," 2011).

The companies should hire an employee who must be distinctively handed over the responsibility of "backing up critical data files at specified intervals and securing these data files at an off-site location" (Carlson & Parker, 1998). Data and knowledge characterize the central function of an information system. This is the reason why the significance of this critical task cannot be understated. Furthermore, it is essential that documentation of all workings of the disaster recovery plan be kept and maintained in black and white at settings outside the company (Carlson & Parker, 1998).

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The companies could also adopt a Knowledge Continuity Program as such a program could create an influential advantage. The major benefits of knowledge continuity include protection of corporate mission-critical knowledge from being lost and provision of a planned outline and system so that knowledge can be accumulated, updated, accessed, enhanced, and transferred to employees even after the occurrence of a disastrous event (O'Sullivan, 2010).


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Research suggests that three areas relating to a Disaster Recovery Plan need improvement. Initially, a DRP needs the support of upper management in order to be successfully implemented. Secondly, it is highly required of the companies to identify the components that are most important to their success. The successfulness of a DRP is entirely dependent on the proper documentation of these identified components together with a plan of changeover for these components. Thirdly, DRPs must be designed as recover systems and must have the capability to incorporate retrieved information so that quick communication between departments could be facilitated.


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