Emergency Response Plan Essay

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This was attributed to the various bureaucracies that were involved in the passing of information from the center to the community level. This killed time hence the floods caught most villagers unawares.

The second reason for the failure of the mitigation procedures that led to mass destruction was the lack of sufficient help and aid in clearing their property from the buildings as the available personnel and trucks from the fire apartment could barely met the demands of the people. This shortage persists despite the knowledge of the place being flood prone and the persistent need to have the community more staffed and vehicles assembled.

The third reason was the lack of proper direction on the rescue center and coordination among the leaders. The residents had to guess fro themselves the best places to relocate their families and property to. Unfortunately, as was indicated by the community representative, some of these areas thought by the residents to be safe were ultimately submerged with the property when suddenly the floods swelled further.

The fourth reason behind the failure of the mitigation process was the lack of the community sensitization and training programs entrenched in the mitigation program. The program concentrates more on the actions that the authority would take incase there is an emergency, yet it does not involve the cooperation and the steps the community members should take during such catastrophes.

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In order to have improvements in the city's mitigation process therefore, there is absolutely an urgent need to have a cut in the bureaucracies and have a centralized system of information sourcing, processing and dissemination as well as acting on the information. This lack of centrality in disaster information and response efforts was noted to have delayed the evacuation process hence multiple losses in property. This resolution will help the residents know where to source for information that is reliable during such times (Erick A. der Heide, 1989).

Essay on Emergency Response Plan Following the Assignment

Secondly, there is need to have the fire department of the city undergo regular drills on such emergencies having noted that this is a flood prone area and also there is need to have extra provisions like inflatable boats and trucks allocated to the fire department to be able to effectively handle such situations and aid even in rescuing property and people that may be trapped when flush floods catch people unawares.


Erick A. der Heide, (1989). Disaster Response: Principles of Preparation and Coordination. http://coe-dmha.org/Media/Disaster_Response_Principals.pdf [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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