Employment Law Compliance Plan Atwood Essay

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Whenever the federal rate increases, an automatic increase in included by the law of Texas. With every payment or paycheck, a wage statement is required to be given to the employees by employers in accordance to the Minimum Wage Law of Texas. The earning per hour of the employee and the employee working hours must be accurately depicted by it.

The Minimum Wage Act of Texas for non-exempt employees establishes a minimum wage, to provide a written earnings statement to the employee requires covered employers, concerning agricultural piece rate workers contains provisions, from its coverage exempts a variety of employers and for its violation provides civil remedies. Toward minimum wage, the value and tips of lodging and meals must be counted by employers with specific restriction (Lang & Kahn, 1998). An employee who is a client or patient of the department of mental retardation and mental health of Texas, a sub-minimum wage must be paid to him or her by the employer under certain conditions.

The Law of Texas on Employment Discrimination

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The disruption created by an emergency evacuation can only be understood who through a rough hurricane season has lived in Texas. For employers, real hardships are caused by such subsequent returns and evacuations. Because of the law of Texas for participation in emergency evacuations on employment discrimination, the employees who evacuated their jobs and homes are protected from discriminatory employment actions. It is considered illegal if employers discriminate or terminate employees whom to participate in a general public evacuation left the place of employment.

TOPIC: Essay on Employment Law Compliance Plan Atwood Assignment

Since the employees who had even voluntary evacuation recommendations are protected by the employees, therefore, an emergency plan must be upheld in place by the employers of the Texas (Sullivan & Et.al, 2002). The organization must depict their capability of handling the food and shelter needs of employees in order to require crucial employees to stay.


In the area of employment law, there are some skills that are required to be practiced, like, people skills, i.e. An ability to maintain and establish a relationship of confidence and trust with your clients. Difficult decisions are often faced by the managers of the company and human resource professionals; therefore, a competent advisor is required by them so that they are effectively well-guided about the concerned legal obligations. As to be updated about the latest law development, writing skills are also very significant.


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