Establishment of Higher Education Essay

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The use of an educational self preparation for accreditation will require faculty to participate in evaluating their own fields of study within the campus based on national regulatory standards. Faculty members can sit on committees that work together to formulate guidelines and establish coursework and required texts for example that meet the departmentally determined prerequisites (AAUP, 2012). The self-study of an institution sometimes is handled by educational administrators and those that manage faculty. However oftentimes accreditation is viewed as a mysterious process that faculty is unaware of. Yet many Higher education institutions provide access to the self-study procedures with full disclosure to faculty members (AAUP, 2012). Administrators are generally very open to having assistance from faculty to fulfill accreditation requirements.

Faculty members are best able to provide curriculum related information as well as academic assessment. In addition to the effectiveness of courses and how they affect the overall performance of students and graduation (Perley, 2007). Other areas that are reviewed in the accreditation process may be training of faculty, advisor procedures, and how well previous standards have been implemented at the institution (Perley, 2007). Faculty within the school, are the best qualified and informed to respond to these questions and tackle review and revision of accreditation policy.

Faculty may also have the role of working with administrators to give a concerted effort toward meeting evaluation criteria and academic programming measurements.

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Some other areas where faculty can provide valuable insight and direction are faculty related governance or self-governance issues, tenure situations, and academic license in teaching. All areas that faculty should play a role in recommending principles and values of accreditation.

TOPIC: Essay on Establishment of Higher Education in Assignment

Faculty should also take on the role of advocating accreditation as a badge of quality for the academic content of its programs and courses. This helps to quantify the level of quality to the community of students and even parents that are considering enrollment or having their young adults attend a particular institution.

Faculty showing an interest in the improvement of the academic instruction and also the academic content serves to present to the accrediting agency the level of commitment to quality and value of the process of accreditation. There are actually administrators that comment on the lack of participation of faculty in the process (Perley, 2007). Therefore stepping into the role of leading the charge in accreditation is a welcome addition to the responsibilities of faculty. Being the most knowledgeable and experienced in the academic and other functions of the educational institution, it is only fitting that faculty participate in the process.

Frederick Crosson made a valid point by stating "the provisions of accreditation mandate a role by faculty to improve the curriculum presented to the students collectively" (1988). Further he commented though there are various disciplines or courses of study that are quite different, they reflect the combined "history, make-up, and resources of the institution (Crosson, 1988). Therefore it is the role of the faculty at the university to determine how they can individually and collectively contribute to this end. By investing their knowledge and expertise to enhancing the quality and effectiveness of the educational programming of the institution they have chosen to support.

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