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ABC & Co. has evolved over decades and today has a presence in 57 countries across the globe. The company has grown and is known around the world for its high corporate social responsibility and strict adherence to ethical business practices. Today ABC and Co has employees that belong to various different cultures and demographics and on various occasions they are required to work and co exist with each other (Sim, 2003). Keeping this in view, ABC and Co. is launching a global ethical training program where the employees of the organizations will not only be trained to deal with organizational stakeholders from different cultures and demographics but also various organizational aspects of business ethics such as health and safety (Boyd, 2003).

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The program aims at creating awareness about understanding different cultures other than one's own culture and dealing with it appropriately. The program aims at strengthening cross cultural relationships among employees and between employees and customers from different cultures (French, 1995). The Global Employee Training program will be a series of workshops where employees from different regions will be put in a situation where they will have to interact with each other. This will be done by video conferencing. Employees will be made to participate in group discussions and games and activities that will involve their interaction with one and other and will help them understand and adapt to the differences in each other's cultural program. The program also aims at strengthening interpersonal and communication skills and employee awareness of organizational health and safety.


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