Ethics in a Long-Term Healthcare Essay

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Thus rationing for a society, that is aging plays a vital role. It is still a moot point if we must ration life-extending medical resources on the basis of age, and the costs that arc incurred may not be desirable. But such issues have not reached any conclusion so far.

• End-of-life treatment

Here also the issues are complicated. What resources must be spent on terminally ill patients, and must life be prolonged at any cost? Will it be better to let the terminal patient die? Euthanasia is still a debated subject with no end in sight. There are many other forms of ills that may creep into the system like abuse, and other forms of neglect.

Management and organizational ethical issues

The ethical issues also must address the competitive and managerial side of the institution. Health care industry is now a business sector and therefore Healthcare ethics is not just about decisions made at the patient's side, but is also of those decisions that the administrators and the executives make at the managerial level. Decisions of individuals cause the ethics of the system to be complied as much as the way the system is adapted to improve the individual's ethical behaviour by a method of reward and punishment of breach of the system. (Weber, 2001)

Finance Ethics

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The accountants are professionals and there fore are expected to be up-to-date in their functions. They are to be current and at the same time diligent. Today the accountant is more of a consultant to management. Thus the accounting occupation has been transformed to an authority with occupational responsibility. (West, 2003)

TOPIC: Essay on Ethics in a Long-Term Healthcare Assignment

Thus the accounting practices in hospitals are unique in the sense that they deal with a service industry that must follow its own ethics, business processes and the call for information is different from conventional business. Health care organizations were basically non-profit corporations, with the earlier government hospitals are usually non-profit and founded for the purpose of public service. Such service institutions are created by a statute. On the other hand incorporated companies have limited liability but have to be profit oriented. Its sole motive profits for the investors. While it is true that the investor owned systems will raise the rate of hospital care for the patients, the non-profit increase the cost of medical care in terms of operations but subsidize the patient cost. As legal entities the responsibilities and duties of both types in health care are similar.


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